Six Best Technological Trends Of Mobile App Development In 2021-22

In today’s era of innovation, the use of mobile technology is constantly on the rise. It is becoming a top preference of businesses who intend to optimise their smartphones and develop customer-friendly applications to meet their growing demands. Mobile development is now a must for companies to build tailor-made apps to gain audience access and stay ahead of the competition. The increase of professional digital agency market competition pushes your organisation to develop the bulk of apps to win customer trust and ease them in their routine tasks. A minor step back can lose your considerable share of customers from the market. It is essential to follow the evolving trends and accelerate your pace with the advancement of technology.

The demand for mobile development is progressing ahead with the higher value of apps in the market. Customers need new mobile applications to help them in executing their household and corporate tasks. For businesses, apps are excellent resources to bring them long term success and fame in the industry. These applications provide a competitive edge over others and establish your unique brand identity among clients. Content creators are also aligned with a custom software developer to produce high quality and original content for the target audiences. Apps are trending today and will dominate the future of tomorrow. Android and IOS will be necktie competitors attempting to outsmart each other in 2022 and beyond.

Following are the six best technological trends of mobile app development in 2022:

Internet of Things Applications

Internet of Things Applications
Internet of Things Applications

Internet of things, aka IoT, is amongst the leading technology trends in the world. It is prevailing faster, and every company will soon cross the milestone of 75 billion by 2025. IoT is a new concept and gaining immense popularity among organisations and customers alike. It works as a connecting device and offers intelligent solutions for homes and businesses. The household purpose of using the internet of things is to provide automation and bring innovation in task execution. Customers can easily manage multiple domestic chores, such as washing machines, microwaves, air-conditioners, refrigerators, and several devices.

With a close circuit camera feature, you can monitor all the houses with robust safety systems. For organisations, IOT can perform a myriad of tasks such as maintaining security through face detection technology. It can identify your face and allow you to enter or exit from the building premises. Hire a mobile application development company to build automated IoT software and use sensors to access the data.

Cloud-Based Technology

Cloud-Based Technology
Cloud-Based Technology

Businesses invest a lot of money today on migrating their local server data to cloud-based technology. It provides them to have a vast storage space to store an enormous amount of data. Safety is the topmost priority to shift your data from a physical server to a virtual cloud. It gives robust encryption on the remote server location, making it nearly impossible for a hacker to attack or break into the system without any permission. Cloud computing offers a faster data loading capacity to upload or download data to your server whenever needed. It has better storage capabilities than google drive or dropbox. It streamlines your company operations and provides ease of endless storage capacity. Businesses can execute complicated tasks on the cloud and utilise the integration with IoT, AI, and ML to ensure a seamless function flow.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

The ever-increasing demand for augmented reality and virtual reality is changing the way of business and the future will be based on these technologies. AR enhances the real-time and utilises in clothing stores, shopping, commercial, and industrial, scientific applications. VR creates a virtual imagination that has no actual and physical existence. It is ideal for gaming and flight simulation activities, and most apps are being built on this fabulous technology.

Businesses can combine these with wearable app technology to fully utilise their features. Another feature of the AR app is a face filter to apply suitable makeup and beauty for young teen girls. Instagram and Snap Chat are real-world examples of augmented reality apps.

Chatbots Technology

Chatbots Technology
Chatbots Technology

The emergence of chatbot applications has been for three decades now. AOL instant messenger was the first-ever chatbot app in the world introduced for customer communication. Since then, companies have been utilizing chatbots for businesses.

Every new website or app has a pop-up box that indicates the presence of chatbots. These apps are built by using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to bring automation in the process of chat communication and to provide complete satisfaction to clients. Customers can interact with businesses and ask questions regarding an organisation’s historical background, mission, vision, products, and services. Customer support representative agents are hired to respond to all incoming queries and reply to them promptly.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Google, Amazon, and Apple are the leading technology-based companies that started using AI technology to interact with customers. Apple Siri was the first voice assistant that used artificial intelligence technology in 2017. It opened ways for businesses to integrate AI and ML and utilise their robust algorithms to build mobile apps. The most common artificial intelligence applications are chatbots, facial detection, surveillance technology, speech recognition, gaming, entertainment, medicine, financial forecasts, and shopping apps. These technologies are used to determine user behaviour, visualise the textual and visual data, and make predictions for future decisions.

Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications
Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web apps are an ideal alternative to native mobile development introduced in 2015. In seven years, it has gained tremendous popularity among businesses and customers. The emergence of PWA has shaped a new innovative trend in the mobile app development industry worldwide. It is a fast loading website that has a dynamic display and robust functionalities. Companies can use it for offline internet data without any downloading.  PWA apps are accessible through multiple devices and browser screens.

Bottom Line

Hence, in a nutshell, those mentioned above are the remarkable mobile app development trends that will flourish in 2022 and beyond. With the growth in technology, businesses need to upgrade their infrastructure and keep up the pace to sustain and stand beyond the competition. Using mobile technology in healthcare is a prevailing trend now and focuses on patients care. In business, mobile apps are being used for task automation.

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5 Best Augmented Reality Apps For iOS Users In 2020

When you want to have an amalgamating experience of the Real-world with the Virtual world, then comes in the Augmented Reality.

What is AR?

Short for Augmented Reality, it is a whole different experience as compared to VR – Virtual Reality.

In VR, the user immerses himself completely by replacing everything around him with entirely different space and there is no sight of reality in it.

Whereas, AR blends your real world with Augmented Reality objects. You can see the very real-like object placed right in your room on your device’s screen. For instance, if you want to see how a white couch will look in the empty space of your room, you just need to start the AR app on your phone and select the custom object to be placed in the desired space.

Augmented Reality has unraveled thousands of new opportunities for everyone in every field. It is an excellent way of getting the ‘hands-on’ learning experience without actually putting your hands on. AR is also used for entertainment purposes. Many sorts of innovations are coming frequently in the AR segment. AR software development is an exponentially growing industry.

Now we will talk about the world’s biggest Augmented Reality Platform – Apple. There are thousands of Augmented Reality apps on Apple and it has the highest number of AR-enabled devices – in hundreds of millions roughly. There are many other AR service providers that may not be as huge as Apple but they are certainly being quite innovative in their AR app development.

Ok so, with a little description of each, we are going to suggest you the 5 best AR apps for iPad pro

1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Those who owned an iPhone in 2010, must have experienced this amazing game. Angry birds was already so much addictive game that even the adults could not resist playing it. But from 2019 onwards, we have the best ever Angry Birds episode: ‘Isle of Pigs’ based on Augmented Reality. It works in a simple way, all you have to do is find a flat comfortable space anywhere in your home and settle down with your device to enjoy one of the best augmented reality apps 2019.

2. ARia’s Legacy

Arias Legacy

How cool that name is, ARia’s legacy, with an uppercase AR in it. This game is similar in methodology with those Escape room games where you have to find a way out of a room with certain objects provided as an inventory. ARia’s legacy does that escaping the room in your real room.

3. Civilizations – AR

Civilizations AR

If someone is a history geek, he/she would definitely love this app. In Civilizations AR, you can learn about artifacts really up close and in depth. For a deeper understanding of the structure, build quality, material and design techniques of the historical objects. You can choose among 40 different historical masterpieces from all over the world and as old as 400 BC as the timeline.

4. Big Bang Augmented Reality

Big Bang Application

This one is just a mind-blowing AR app. In this app you can experience the Big Bang right in your bedroom. Your home becomes the reference point and the journey of the universe’s beginning starts to unfold in front of you. Obviously, you don’t have to wait for 13.8 billion years to find out how the things fell into places in your new universe. You can skip all the visuals straight to the final formation of a new universe. But going through that journey and interacting with heavenly bodies is one of its kind experience.

5. IKEA Place

IKEA Place Application

This app is very practical and makes the process of choosing the most suitable furniture for your home fun and easy. You just need to pick a furniture item from the Virtual IKEA store and then select a spot in your home to see if that fits there.

AR apps and softwares, as discussed in the beginning of this article, are not only limited to entertainment. After many innovations in the field of Education and making things learn in a memorable experience, there are many AR applications that enhance the teaching as well as the learning methods. Now let’s see a list of few Augmented Reality apps for Education.

– Math Alive
– Aurasma
– Arloon Plants
– Blippar
– Quiver
– Elements – 4D

After this in-depth discussion about iOS augmented reality apps, we will also see what sort of augmented reality apps for Android are available. Out of many android AR apps, we have shortlisted only a few popular ones, most liked by the consumers of Android.

Here we go, Google Translate in on number one in the AR apps on Android, giving the real time translation of text written anywhere in over 59 languages. For example, you see a sign in a foreign language that you don’t understand but it seems important to you, all you need to do is point your camera towards the sign and you will see an augmented reality translated text overlaid on the real sign right away.

Then few more popular apps like ViewRanger, Google Lens, WallaMe, Ingress, and Holo have really spiked the overall AR-enabled Android phones sales globally.

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