The Booming Growth Of Mobile App Development In 2022

The surging growth of mobile app development defines its glorious future. It increases the tremendous rise in the creation of cellular phone apps in the app market has ultimately risen to the peak of popularity and success among customers due to the maximum number of downloads. It has increased the mobile app installations among customers of all ages.

According to App Annie, there is a growing forecast and prediction of five million existing apps, including Google Android and Apple IOS. These are competitive app stores and compete with each other in-app design, development, functionalities, features, installations, and downloads. However, other app manufacturers have less market growth, such as

Microsoft Windows, Amazon, Blackberry, Samsung, and Symbian.

App Annie’s research statistics indicate the six billion app installs, 258 billion annual mobile app downloads, 157 billion dollars consumer expenditures on app purchases. The total mobile market value will reach 165 billion dollars by the end of 2023. It will reveal the 14 % increase by the year. Chatbots, artificial intelligence, and other technologies will also rise in the future.

Mobile App Development Deployment

Mobile App Development Deployment
Mobile App Development Deployment

In mobile development, deployment is a term used to implement the smartphone apps in the market to make them functional and accessible to customers. The future of mobile will depend on the robust infrastructure design, and businesses will invest their time, money, and valuable resources to develop, test, run, debug, and deploy the apps to android and iOS play stores for installations.

Mobile App Automation

Mobile App Automation
Mobile App Automation

Automation is a crucial aspect of a mobile application. In the future, every mobile app will go through a test automation phase and integrate with development and marketing platforms to build a robust app architecture. A professional and competent team of app developers will test new API versions of mobile apps before deployment and delivery to the customers. Another phase will be receiving feedback from clients to improve the coding and design of the app for rapid speed and functionality.

Mobile App Review

Mobile App Review
Mobile App Review

After development and deployment, one of the most crucial factors will be a detailed review of the smartphone application. It will allow customers to give their excellent or worst remarks on the mobile app experience share their recommendations to users worldwide. App review will be a necessary factor in launching the application through google and apple plays stores. It will categories the iOS and android application development among target audiences to release the latest version of apps to customers.

App Speed, Design, and User Experience

App Speed, Design, and User Experience
App Speed, Design, and User Experience

For every new version of the app, these are the fundamental criteria that will determine the success or failure of an app in the market. Customers will test the speed of the app during downloading. It will reveal the actual performance and productivity of the app. The navigation will show the design and user experience of the app. It should be smooth and seamless to ease the task and automate the business workflow operations. As for usability, a mobile app should fulfil the specific demands and particular requirements of customers.

App Revenue and Profit

App Revenue and Profit
App Revenue and Profit

Companies develop mobile applications to meet their monetary requirements. They avail financial benefits from the sales of apps to customers. Not every app succeeds and gives you billions of dollars in return. There has to be a proper plan and strategy to think, brainstorm, and take definite action to build an app and launch it in the market for sale. A newly developed app would be challenging to compete with 1.5 million applications available for download on Google Play and Apple Store.

Businesses will have an extensive option of developing various applications such as native, hybrid, cross-browser platforms, and progressive web applications. These will be the leading app development platforms for small, medium, and large-scale enterprise organisations. To gain an app profit, you will have to research the market and find the app’s popularity in the industry that can give you a highly profitable return.

For instance, you can search for various categories such as gaming, utility, productivity, entertainment, business, lifestyle, food, clothing, e-commerce, shopping, travel, health, fitness, wellness, education, and social networking applications. Numerous app monetisation options exist, such as free, paid, in-app purchases, subscriptions, and partner sponsorship.

In-House and Outsourcing

In-House and Outsourcing
In-House and Outsourcing

For mobile app production, companies have two choices of selecting the in-house or third-party external outsourcing agency. It is a critical decision to choose one option and stick with it. Employing an in-house development team will need your little or more financial investment. You need to spend a considerable sum of money purchasing the desktop computer, laptop, and local network server machine to save your valuable data. Another responsibility will be to hire and manage the development team by resolving day-to-day technical issues.

Hiring an outsourced company allows you to feel free of worries. It does not need any financial investment, and you can hand over your partial or complete web and app production department to the agency. It comprises professional experts to fulfil your design and development needs and offer you reliable solutions.

App Store Optimisation

App Store Optimisation
App Store Optimisation

App store optimisation, aka ASO, is a ranking procedure of apps to display them on the first position in the app listings. It will be the most demanding tool for finding the app ranking in the future of 2022. ASO will work similar to SEO and optimise apps instead of websites.

Businesses will hire app store optimisation experts to beat the competitors and show their ranking visibility on the top. Customers need to produce more and more app reviews and ratings that will increase the level of apps and push them to the top. Using the right keywords will determine the fate of your app ranking well in the listing. Adding the app title and description will enhance the value of mobile applications and catch customers’ attention to install and download the app.

Mobile App Development Coding and Frameworks

Mobile App Development Coding and Frameworks
Mobile App Development Coding and Frameworks

A mobile app is a software application built from extensive coding and development. It involves the front-end and back-end programming languages that give robust support to your smartphone application to build, run, compile, test, debug, and deploy in android and iOS stores. Some popular and functional languages for Google and Apple users include Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, Objective C, C++, C-sharp dot net, Html 5, PHP, Python, ruby, swift, action script, and SQL.

Frameworks are pre-written code packages that provide ease of coding and execution for developers and protect them from writing long lines of codes every time. The ideal frameworks are flutter, react native, Apache Cordova, Ionic, xamarin, phone gap, and jQuery mobile. Using these frameworks offers an easy-to-code and straightforward environment for developers. It speeds up exceptional performance, is compatible with external third-party, and integrates with other tools to find and engage app display. It consists of web, native, hybrid, and cross-platform development.

Bottom Line                                                                                                        

Hence, in a nutshell, those mentioned above are the rising factors of mobile apps in 2022. The growing number of app users indicates the success and popularity of app development in the coming future. The users will demand their favourite apps in their respective niche industries. The need to hire app developers to build dynamic and actionable cross-platform app development for customers will grow. Mobile app development will be a crucial need for organisations to shift their website to the smartphone app.

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9 Significant Benefits Of 3D Animation On Your Business

It is a well-researched fact that vision impacts your senses. You remember what you see and never forget it for your whole life. In the marketing scenario, vision is everything. You need to display your products to sell them out. If you do not show your products to customers, they will not get to know about them. It makes creative sense for businesses to market their in-house brands and highlight their prominent features to increase sales and revenue.

Today, the internet is the most significant technological advancement that attracts a broader volume of customers. Nowadays, the most powerful mode of marketing is the website. Many companies own a website, and it does not matter how big or small they are. Having a website gives your business a solid identity to access a more significant number of customers.

As the technology progresses further, merely owning a website does not work. You ought to make a little more effort to grab your audience’s attention. A brand product video is an excellent and effective solution for your company. It gives you a powerful presence and conveys your brand message directly to customers in a short possible time. To add more colour to your video, you can use animation to impact your viewers considerably. Include a little more emotion to convince your buyer to make an immediate decision to purchase your products. It helps generate a lead and make a chance to convert it into sales.

Creating an animated video is not an uphill task. It gives you an easy choice to either hire a video animation expert or do it yourself. The trend of DIY video animation is also keeping pace in the industry nowadays. Organisations save their money and time to appoint a skilled video designer and make a video by themselves. The progress in technology also advances the level of video animation such as 2D and 3D.

Here are the nine significant benefits of using the 3D video animation for your business in 2021:

Saving Your Precious Time

Saving Your Precious Time

In the fast-paced 21st century era of today, time is crucial. Businesses have no time to find an in-house designer to make a video. Instead, you can avail a better idea to outsource your task to 3D animation services. They are professionals who are competent and expert in designing dynamic videos for their valued clients. It saves their valuable time and money, and they can spend it wisely somewhere else.

Making Engaging And Entertaining Videos

Making Engaging And Entertaining Videos

Videos indeed attract and engage viewers. They deliver a piece of authentic information and provide an excellent source of entertainment for visitors. Having a mobile application development company increases traffic to your brand video and increases visibility. The visual attraction boosts the chances of getting more views and clicks on the video. It never lets the visitors get bored and sustains their interest from the beginning till the end of a video.

Conveying A Simple And Purposeful Message To Your Audience

Conveying A Simple And Purposeful Message To Your Audience

Videos have a profound impact on customers. Companies design videos to deliver a detailed brand message in an easy-to-understand language to their audience. Many businesses fail to reach customers and market their brand products to them. Videos give them a brilliant idea to advertise their products and convince customers to buy.

Adding Some Extra Visual Effects

Adding Some Extra Visual Effects

Visual effects add more value and demand to your video. They make your video special by adding extra elements such as graphics and animations. Having an animated video boosts inspiration and affection for your brand. It leaves a long-lasting impression on your customers that stick to their minds for a longer time.

Videos Are Worth Better Than Texts

Videos Are Worth Better Than Texts
Videos Are Worth Better Than Texts

The increasing trend for videos is decreasing the demand for textual content. Now people prefer to watch short-length videos and not waste valuable time reading your long-form blog post. Videos deliver a clear and concise message that instantly clicks to their mind, and they get to understand your brand’s purpose. According to the current statistic, the ratio of watching videos is rising among teens and adults. Especially younger teens are fond of playing games and watching animated videos.

Collaborating With Social Media

Collaborating With Social Media
Collaborating With Social Media

Social media is a resourceful medium to reach a massive audience. You can create profile pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can share and connect your YouTube videos with social media channels to attract and interact with customers for instant recognition. It increases your social media traffic and boosts conversion with a higher profit and revenue on sales.

Distinguishing Your Business From Your Contenders

Distinguishing Your Business From Your Contenders
Distinguishing Your Business From Your Contenders

Videos are an excellent means of standing your business apart from your local and global competitors. They increase your respect and reputation in the industry. Videos give you a competitive edge over others and sustain your unique market presence. They distinguish your brand from other businesses and give you a better idea to advertise your products to your target audience.

Bringing Fresh And Unique Marketing Ideas

Bringing Fresh And Unique Marketing Ideas
Bringing Fresh And Unique Marketing Ideas

Marketing needs constant ideas for your business. If you have a scarcity of ideas, then videos are the effective and efficient solutions to your brand. Find a reliable and durable video maker online to make functional yet actionable videos that leave an unforgettable impact on the customers. Many companies look to create a dynamic video.

Empowering Your SEO Efforts

Empowering Your Seo Efforts

Creating a brand video improves your search engine optimisation efforts and helps your video rank on the top position in Google. It wants something new and different to deliver to customers. When your video appears on the search engine result page, SERP listings, it improves your brand products’ visibility and displays them on the first page.


Hence, in a nutshell, these are the significant advantages of hiring 2d animation studios to create a fantastic animated video for your brand. Companies hire professional video animation agencies to make trendy videos for their businesses. It boosts their market and increases their potential sales with a more profitable revenue. Videos are a lasting and prevailing trend that offers long-term benefits to your business brand.

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Tips To Find The Best App Development Company In UK

Mobile app development is a truly demanding profession nowadays. There has been a tremendous growth in hiring android and iOS app developers in the United Kingdom, United States, and all over the world. Companies hire highly skilled and talented app development professionals who possess unusual expertise in their field. Although, there is a dense culture and trend of app development companies on every nook and corner. It makes it extremely difficult to find the best agencies who have a long-term sustainable reputation in the market and providing continuous service to clients.

Due to abundance of competitors in the niche industry market, one can rarely find a real gem. All that glitters in not a gold, fits right in this situation where you do not know which one to trust. Businesses do not trust on every mobile development company, they must test and verify a third party agency on the following requirements:

Know Your Business Requirements

Business Requirements
Know Your Business Requirements

Before deciding to hire the app development company, it is a wise idea for you to know your business requirements. As a top level executive, it is your first responsibility to understand what your company needs. You should describe your purpose to serve by investing in a local third-party mobile development agency.

An excellent idea for you is to find your budget criterion and measure your time, money, and resources. Many companies get confused in choosing between an in-house or outsourced team of development. It depends on the affordabality and accessibility of mobile applications. They should calculate their budget and invest their money in hiring the proficient developers to build their apps.

Understand Your Customer Needs

Customer Needs
Understand Your Customer Needs

Finding the customer needs is a basic criterion for your business. You need to understand the complete requirements of clients and deliver them exactly what they want. Create a mobile app that adds considerable value to your end users. It is a responsibility of a business to bring a fresh idea and allow customers to choose their colours, styles and fonts. The true meaning of delivering concrete value to the target customers is to provide them favourable discounts and incentives.

The age, gender, and demographic location are primary factors to create a tailormade mobile application for your customers. You can also include income, interest, and choice of preferences that help customers decide wether they want to buy your app or not.

Look For The Dedicated Mobile App Development Team

Dedicated Mobile App Development Team
Look For The Dedicated Mobile App Development Team

It is always a good idea to look for the qualified and dedicated mobile application development team. They work devotedly to build your apps that provide excellent result to customers. Search for the area of expertise and specialisation in the field of android development UK. Developers should be well-versed in coding and have a deep understanding of basic to advanced concept of programming. They also have a good familiarity with the software development and project management.

Find The Reviews, Recommendations, Testimonials, And References

Reviews, Recommendations
Find The Reviews, Recommendations, Testimonials, And References

One of the tried and tested ways to analyse the credibility of your hired agency is to search for customer feedback. Finding the reviews and recommendations of present and past customers are excellent techniques to check the authenticity of organisation. You can search for a website and read customer testimonials that are valid proof of recognition of a third party app development company.

Ask directly from the clients about their good and bad experiences of working with the same outsourced agency. After receiving the positive response from multiple clients, you can outsource your task to the third party external mobile app development company.

Search For The Trusted Agency

Search For The Trusted Agency
Search For The Trusted Agency

Trust is an essential factor to search among the top ten app development companies UK. Nowadays, it has become extremely difficult to have faith on any random organisation.  There is a risk of sharing or leaking of secret data and information. Businesses are afraid of keeping their trust on agencies and are fearful of losing their precious and valuable data that cannot be recovered again.

The best idea is to look for a reputed and trusted company that possess years of experience and hold a solid market presence. These companies are rare to find and charges costly to customers for their specialised services.

Check The Timeline And Delivery

Check The Timeline And Delivery
Check The Timeline And Delivery

In order to find the best app development company in UK, you must check their timeline and delivery. The fast and prompt project delivery is a secret of success for large scale organisations. They never put off or delay their projects on tomorrow and endeavour hard to deliver them at the right time.


Hence, in a nutshell, these above-mentioned are worthwhile tips to find the best app development company in UK. Hire the agency that offers iOS application development service to clients. It should also be familiar with windows, blackberry, native, hybrid, and cross browser platform app development for customers. App development is a growing trend in the United Kingdom, it has a rising potential in the market nowadays and provides exceptional opportunities to developers to grow higher.

Many companies plan to setup their in-house app production department to build apps and increase tremendous sales and revenues. Apps are popular among various industries of the world including entertainment, media, games, finance, retail, ecommerce, manufacturing, education and many more. Organizations are making huge investments in creating mobile apps for android, iOS, windows, and blackberry platforms. Brits are keen on using the apps for their business and household activities.

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Designing a User Friendly App

The market for mobile apps has been growing steadily for the past decade. Just the last two years have shown a remarkable difference in terms of spending for mobile apps, with the year 2020 showing an increase of $5 billion spent on mobile apps than the amount in 2019. 

Therefore, this is the right time to learn and enter this field if that is what you desire. If you are someone who is just learning to develop apps, or you are a veteran developer looking to switch fields into the mobile app sector, there are a number of resources available online which can help you start on your journey to developing apps. 

As apps are becoming more and more popular, the concept of user-friendliness is also becoming popular. Nowadays, people want their apps to be intuitive in terms of learning curve, so that they get a user-friendly interaction. To do that, we need to design our app with the user experience in mind, as that will help us create a, easy to follow user interface. Some of the things that a well-designed app needs to have is solid engagement, good interactions, and most importantly, the app needs to be visually appealing. 

In order to design such an app, we need to follow some few basic tenets of app design, which will help us develop new and innovative apps which are easily and widely adopted by a number of users in as short time as possible. Let us have a look at what these tenets are. 

Basics of app designing process:

While each mobile application development professional has their own set of rules and design processes, there are a few things that all of them have in common. They are:

  • Researching the market

Researching the market

With millions of apps available on the Apple App Store, there are very few apps which are truly making money on the market. Therefore, if you want your app to be successful, researching the market is very important. That will help you design he user interactions, and allow you to finalize the layout as well as the placement of different features in the app design. 

Some ways through which you can conduct market research includes researching the target audience demographic, so that you know who to design the app for. After you have pinpointed the target audience, the next step is to conduct interviews from the potential customers so that you get an in-depth discussion of what the customers want from the app. Finally, you need to research the competition in order to find out what the customers of these competitors are wanting from them, and how we can stand out from them so that we can carve out our market share. 

This will help us create a proper guideline for the app’s design. 

  • Creating wireframes for the app

Creating wireframes for the app

After finishing up the research for the app design, the next step is to create wireframes for the app. A wireframe, for those who do not know, is a basic layout of the functionalities of the app, which will help us map out user interactions with the app. Now this wireframe will not be designed on your own, rather, the other stakeholders of the project need to give their input as well, such as the UI/UX designers, the product managers, android or iOS developer teams, and much more. 

After you halve a talk with the other stakeholders, you then design a user flow setup, which will list all the interactions a user might do in order to complete a task on the app. Finally, you will then start on the wireframe itself. 

The wireframe can be made in two different styles. The low-fi wireframe aims to create basic mock-ups of the app, with general representations and symbols used to denote the functions and interactions. This can be used to create wireframes where time is of the essence. The other option is to create a hi-fi wireframe, which extensively uses user flows, images, colours and much more to create a highly detailed wireframe. This is good for final presentations, or where presentation is key. 

  • Starting the User Experience/ User Interface designing stage

Starting the User Experience/ User Interface designing stage

After you are done creating the wireframes, the next step is to start the design phase itself. This phase has two major aspects, namely the user experience design, and the user interface design. Let us have a look at the details of what these design aspects actually entail.

The User Experience design stage has the core goal of developing an app that is user-friendly. The name itself suggests that the aim is user experience, and obviously you want your user to have a good user experience when they use your app. Studies suggest that a good user experience can increase your conversion rate to nearly four times the original rate. So figuring out how you can do that for your apps is the aim of this phase. 

The next aspect is the user interface design. This phase aims to create a more intuitive and interactive experience for the user, by graphical, aural and gesture based interactions, which gives the user a more immersive experience when using the app. The most important aspect here is figuring out how the user will interact with your app, and to look for any issues that they might run into. This way we can streamline the user interactions and make them better. 

  • Test, Test, Test

Test, Test, Test

Testing the end product, whether it’s the design stage or the actual development stage, is very important. This way, you can easily check whether the app design you have been labouring to build is what the client wants, and whether if it is as user friendly as per the user requirement. The design elements that need to be checked and tweaked if necessary include the colours, the layout of the elements of the app, the fonts that are used as well as the images or graphics used. 

By testing this design, we can isolate and rectify any issues related to usability and intuitiveness. 

Some of the tests that can be performed include:

  • First click tests, which are tests aimed to check the level of usability of an app, and how easy it is to use. 
  • The second is the Preferences test, where the test subject is the given the option of choosing between two different app designs, as per their preference. 
  • Finally, you can survey the test users, and ask them for feedback on the app’s current design. This will help to pinpoint any issues that might be causing problems for multiple users, so that we can rectify them. 

Designing high quality iOS apps, even iOS development in general, is a very hard task. It takes a lot of time and effort to make sure that the app flow is intuitive for a large majority of users, so that people have an easier time adopting the app itself.

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iOS App Development Trends for 2021

If you are an aspiring iOS developer, or even a veteran in the field, then you might be wondering about the trends that might be dominating the iOS app development field. Nowadays there are two major development environments which dominate the mobile device world, and they are Android by Google, and iOS by Apple. Now android is an open-source OS used by a large variety of smartphones and other smart device manufacturers, but iOS is a proprietary operating system exclusively used by Apple devices. 

Since its inception, when the first iPhone was launched in 2008, and swept the world into the current craze for smart mobile devices, the users of the smartphone only had approximately 500 apps available on the Apple App Store. That was because at the time, no one knew about the feasibility and reliability, as well as the extent of adaptability that the platform might show, so the number of developers who developed iOS apps was quite small. About a decade later, and with about as many updates to the iPhone and the operating system, official sources suggest that by the year 2018, there were over 20 million active iOS developers around the world who earn a combined approximate of $100 billion while they look after the needs of the hundreds of millions of App Store visitors in a week. The numbers stated in this statement truly boggle the minds, yet they are true. And by this year 2020, these numbers have reached even higher.

Now if you think that these numbers are impressive, think about the numbers for the android platform, which has a far larger user base, as well as a bigger pool of developers. All we can say right now is that we can all agree that android and iOS combined will be ruling the mobile platform world for the foreseeable future. That can be seen by the sheer number of developers for both these platforms, as well as the number of apps and tools that have been developed and are being developed for these platforms. iOS alone has over two million apps currently active on the App Store, and there are a lot of developers who are currently invested in the maintenance and support of these apps. Thus to them, these platforms are of the utmost importance, and by extension, the trends that are dominating them. It has become all the more important to know these trends, as with so many apps currently present, any iOS app developer needs something that will make their app stand out from the multitude of apps that are providing the same features and functions. And that is where these trends come in.

So now that we know why knowing these trends is important, let’s look at some of these trends, which are popular in 2020. While it’s not necessary to follow each trend in the app development, it is necessary to at least know them, so that you can properly decide which trend is actually beneficial for your app. 

Top Trends for iOS App Development in 2020:

Let’s look at some of the top trends of this year, which look like they are here to stay. 

  • SwiftUI Toolkit

SwiftUI Toolkit
SwiftUI Toolkit

The most important trend this year is the increasing use of the SwiftUI. This is a toolkit that has been designed to help developers develop user interfaces of their apps, that is completely derivative. Now, if you are a newcomer, you must know that declarative UI’s opposite is imperative UI, which is the most common way to create user interfaces. In an imperative UI, developers need to write code that will constantly track the state of the app being used, and then write functions that will change the UI to the state that is relevant to the actions of the user. This requires much fine-tuning, and therefore requires a lot of time.

Now declarative UI on the other hand, is far simpler. As a developer, you just need to inform it about all the possible states in the apps, and the declarative UI will automatically monitor and change the state as per the user’s actions, without having the developer write the code that shifts each state to other possible state options accordingly. 

To simplify, instead of stating each action specifically, we just inform the UI of the “rules” that we have set, and let it handle the rest of it. And another factor in its favour, it works the same across all Apple platforms, like iOS, iPadOS, macOS etc.

  • ARKit


One of the more important trends this year is the use of AR or augmented reality into iOS app development.  ARKit is one of the most widely used augmented reality platforms globally. For those looking to develop an iOS app with the capability of leveraging AR, then the ARKit 3 Reality Composer is a must-have for them. Pairing that with the high-level AR framework called RealityKit, will result in a truly spectacular iOS app that makes use of augmented reality in the best and easiest way possible. 

Some of the interesting features that ARKit 3 offers, include the People Occlusion feature. This feature allows the apps that use this feature to figure out where people, as well as AR object markers are placed, and then adjust the occlusion of those objects accordingly. Another feature, called the Motion Capture feature works in tandem with the previous feature, and accurately tracks the movement by people walking or moving across the screen, as input for the AR application’s scene setting. 

These, and much more is offered in the new toolkit, which can help development teams at nay IOS app Developer Company create new and innovative apps that can properly leverage the potential of many new technologies to their benefit.

  • Flutter


Flutter is a great trend to become famous in the past few years, and it has slowly but increasingly getting more and more developers interested in it. The reason it is so interesting is because it allows us to develop apps that have almost all of the advantages of developing an app for the native platform, while being a cross-platform. That means that those opting to get an app developed with Flutter can have the best of both worlds, while having a quicker time to market, as well as a lower cost than if they had opted for a native app.

Previously, it was just compatible with products by Google, so it was mainly used by those looking to develop for android and Chrome operating systems. But when Flutter added support for iOS, and became a cross-platform environment, that’s when it started getting more popular. Since its support for iOS started, an increasing number of developers are getting into it day by day.

While Flutter is built using the programming language Dart, which is Google’s proprietary programming language, the code can easily compile to the iOS native code. That makes it easy to develop iOS apps using Flutter, and with support for android and chrome, it becomes a true cross-platform app. 

We have seen many new trends take root in 2020, in our personal lifestyles as well as our professional lifestyles. The same is true for the world of iOS app development, and the general mobile development app development world. 

The Flutter language is becoming more and more popular with developers, and with the introduction of new toolkits and development libraries, developers are finding it easier to develop apps that can integrate with Internet of Things systems, as well as augmented reality technology. And this year is about to end, and we will soon be seeing new trends dominate the app development scene. How many of these trends will be here, only time will tell. 

If you are on the lookout for a reliable app development company or an iOS app marketing services provider, then look no further than the people at Creatix9. Their expert teams of developers and market specialists are experts in the process, from development to successful market launches. So why wait? Give them a call now.

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Everything You Should Know About the Apple App Store

During the pandemic this year, the Apple App store has been a godsend for many iPhone and iPad users. Stuck at home with nothing to do, many a person has spent time downloading new apps on to their phones or tablets and just whiling away the time. You can say that it has been a saving grace for many people in this crisis.

As the second-highest mobile phone platform, Apple has always had a huge customer base from all around the globe. Known for focusing on user experience and enhancing it, Apple has designed all their products and services around integrating and streamlining experience across all their devices, and the Apple App Store is an essential part of that process.

In a nutshell, the Apple App Store is a digital distribution platform that contains a plethora of applications and utilities for the convenience of Apple customers, specifically for the iOS and iPad OS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Anyone downloading an app from the Apple store can be sure that the app that they are downloading has been thoroughly vetted and checked and verified for its safety by Apple before being allowed onto the platform.

Let’s look at some statistics about the app store’s performance and accessibility to get a better idea about its market penetration and adoption across the globe.

  • According to Apple’s own reports, as of April 2020, the app store is available and easily accessible in 175 countries.
  • Statista reports that the month of May 2020 saw the app store hosting an approximate 1.85 million iOS apps, from a variety of categories.
  • Statista also reports that out of all the Apple App Store’s hosted apps and utilities, about 92% of the iOS apps are free to download and install.
  • By the start of the year 2020, Apple reported that it had over 1.5 billion active iOS devices, of which iPhones make the overwhelming majority.

Who Can Use the Apple App Store?

Since 2008, the Apple App Store has been the only digital platform for the distribution of apps and utilities for the iOS and iPadOS devices. That means that it hosts apps for iPhone, iPods and iPads, as well as Apple Watches and some of the latest Apple TVs. So basically, users of any of these devices can use and benefit from the app store and its huge collection of apps and utilities, all of which are created by one reliable iOS app development company or other.

To know more of what the Apple App Store offers its users, read on.

App Store Perks:

  • Thoroughly Vetted Safe Apps:

Thoroughly Vetted Safe Apps

The Apple App Store has reviewers, who are called editors. The editors are tasked with checking the apps available on the app store, which is done by reviewing their codes, learning the app’s functionalities, and its usage. They make sure that the apps available comply with industry standards, so that they get the exposure they deserve. This has the added bonus of incentivizing iOS app developers to develop apps that are designed and coded better, in order for their apps to be ranked higher.

  • Know the App before Downloading:

Know the App before Downloading

Being able to know more about the app and its usage before downloading it is a major bonus and incentive for your customer. The Apple App Store gives you detailed information regarding the app and its ranking, as well as app videos so that you can see what the app looks like and how it works before downloading it.

Besides that, the app store also gives us the feature of choosing to learn the tips and tricks to properly use the new app we downloaded, thus ensuring that we know about the app’s functionalities completely and are able to use it comfortably.

  • Apple Endorsed Apps:

Apple Endorsed Apps

The app store editors have the authority to assign badges to apps, thus making them “Starred” or Apple recommended apps. These stars are assigned by the editor’s personal reviewing of the app in question, as well as user ratings and reviews, which results in the app being considered a credible useful tool. Having your app becomes an editor recommended app means that you get an automatic boost in app downloads as users are more likely to choose your app over others of the same category.

  • Adherence to Industry Standards:

Adherence to Industry Standards

iPhone app development, or basically any kind of app development is something that requires strict standards and compliance checks. Apple takes this requirement very seriously, before allowing any app to be uploaded to their app store. That means that any app you download via the app store surely comply with safety and other industry standards, thus making sure that the apps available are all of the highest quality. Not only that, the Apple App Store editors make sure that the app is free of any kind of questionable content.

  • All Kinds of Apps:

All Kinds of Apps

The app store offers a huge number of apps of different kind as per your needs. For any given utility or need, you can find related apps for free, freemium models, premium paid apps or even subscription based services, depending on your budget and feature requirements. This means that regardless of how much you can spend, you can almost always find the perfect tool that you require from the Apple App Store.

To conclude, we can see that iOS and iPad app development is still going strong even today, especially since Apple is bringing in more and more devices to become compatible with its operating system. And as there is a sizable number of the global population who use Apple devices, businesses need to cash in on that fact and develop iPhone and iPad apps for their customers alongside the Android and web apps. By complying with the standards set by Apple, you can utilize their policies and bring your app into the limelight and gain exposure.

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Top 4 Augmented Reality or Smart Glasses 2020

Augmented reality, or AR, needs a screen display that overlays graphics over our existing vision. Now, to do that, either we can use our mobile devices such as smartphones etcetera, or we need a head mounted device. The head mounted device is sure to give a more immersive experience, but just working good is not enough. It should be unobtrusive enough for actual every day wear, so that the person using it does not look out of place using them.

Now, AR is not the same as VR, or virtual reality. Unlike VR, which attempts to recreate the entire world around the user from scratch, augmented reality just expands and enhances the user’s interactions and experience. Just this last point alone is the reason that the tech sector believes that AR has the highest potential for mass acceptance and usage when compared to others technologies in the extended reality family.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a concept where take part in an interactive experience where the real world is enhanced using digital information, sometimes across multiple sensory modes. The aim is to integrate the digital content with the real world in such a way to provide a seamlessly immersive experience to the user.

While it is part of the extended reality family, it not quite different from virtual reality or VR. VR works by creating the visual world from scratch, rather than overlaying and enhancing like AR.

The real life application of augmented reality mobile apps, or augmented reality software services in general is quite diverse and widespread. Being an integral part of military equipment, or an important classroom tool to provide a more interactive approach to studying, or just using an AR mobile app to show a prospective buyer what a particular piece of furniture would look like at their home, AR is fast becoming a regular part of our lives. Many tech companies are working to create their own version of AR glasses, such as the augmented reality Microsoft glasses called the HoloLens project, or the augmented reality Apple Glasses.

Now let us look at some of the offerings for augmented reality wearables available on the market.

Best AR glasses on the market:

Best AR glasses

When we usually talk about AR wearables, we generally mean AR smart glasses, as the majority of more sophisticated wearables are for business or enterprise use. So let us start our list of the top ranked augmented reality glasses 2020:

  • Epson MOVERIO BT-300:

The Epson MOVERIO BT-330, also known as the MOVERIO BT-300 FPV is a set of smart glasses of Japanese origin, which provides an impressive list of specifications for an affordable price. The glasses themselves are of quite high quality, and the Epson App market that comes with it provides its users with a vast array of apps to go with the glasses.

A 720p HD resolution display, a high quality 5 megapixel camera and a long battery life make it an impressive addition in the smart glasses category.

The drone addition allows you to control a DJI drone directly via the glasses, or you can use the included controller.

These smart glasses are currently available on amazon for the competitive price of 550 Pounds Sterling.

  • Everysight Raptor:

AR capable smart glasses are becoming more popular with athletes, as it allows them instantaneous access to a lot of information about their physical activities. These smart glasses are designed specifically for cyclists. With a battery that can power the glasses for up to 8 hours with a single charge, a high quality front camera to record the biking trips, and connectivity options such as Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS, GLONASS etcetera, these glasses are truly wonderful. Not only that, considering the sports aspect, there the option to swap the lens tint according to the conditions or preference.

The buyer has the option of buying the compatible controller with the glasses, which turns the experience up a notch.

The base price for the glasses, without the optional controller and lens tints, is 500 Pounds Sterling.

  • Google Glass Enterprise Edition:

Also called the Google “EE”, this is the updated version of the Google Glass and the Google Glass Explorer. The upgrades include a faster processor, better camera, more reliable WIFI connectivity and a better GPS, which shows that Google listened to the feedback from customers of their previous products. Though the smart glasses are quite feature rich, the hefty price tag of 1400 Pounds Sterling is a roadblock towards widespread adoption of the device, and therefore targets enterprise and business users.

  • Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses:

Vuzix Blade AR glasses are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. This stylish yet low profile and unobtrusive pair of smart glasses boast an impressive 8 megapixel Hi definition camera, an innovative set of rechargeable batteries and as well as the capability to provide haptic feedback.

The current price for a pair of Vuzix Blade AR glasses is 630 Pounds Sterling, which might be a bit expensive for general users, but those in the market for a stylish pair of feature rich smart glasses but don’t want to pay for the enterprise level options, these are just perfect.

To conclude, the market for AR glasses is expanding day by day, with many companies working to create cheaper and better options for a wider adoptability by the users. For now, we can try to snag the cheaper options to try out and enjoy the experience they offer.

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5 Best Augmented Reality Apps For iOS Users In 2020

When you want to have an amalgamating experience of the Real-world with the Virtual world, then comes in the Augmented Reality.

What is AR?

Short for Augmented Reality, it is a whole different experience as compared to VR – Virtual Reality.

In VR, the user immerses himself completely by replacing everything around him with entirely different space and there is no sight of reality in it.

Whereas, AR blends your real world with Augmented Reality objects. You can see the very real-like object placed right in your room on your device’s screen. For instance, if you want to see how a white couch will look in the empty space of your room, you just need to start the AR app on your phone and select the custom object to be placed in the desired space.

Augmented Reality has unraveled thousands of new opportunities for everyone in every field. It is an excellent way of getting the ‘hands-on’ learning experience without actually putting your hands on. AR is also used for entertainment purposes. Many sorts of innovations are coming frequently in the AR segment. AR software development is an exponentially growing industry.

Now we will talk about the world’s biggest Augmented Reality Platform – Apple. There are thousands of Augmented Reality apps on Apple and it has the highest number of AR-enabled devices – in hundreds of millions roughly. There are many other AR service providers that may not be as huge as Apple but they are certainly being quite innovative in their AR app development.

Ok so, with a little description of each, we are going to suggest you the 5 best AR apps for iPad pro

1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Those who owned an iPhone in 2010, must have experienced this amazing game. Angry birds was already so much addictive game that even the adults could not resist playing it. But from 2019 onwards, we have the best ever Angry Birds episode: ‘Isle of Pigs’ based on Augmented Reality. It works in a simple way, all you have to do is find a flat comfortable space anywhere in your home and settle down with your device to enjoy one of the best augmented reality apps 2019.

2. ARia’s Legacy

Arias Legacy

How cool that name is, ARia’s legacy, with an uppercase AR in it. This game is similar in methodology with those Escape room games where you have to find a way out of a room with certain objects provided as an inventory. ARia’s legacy does that escaping the room in your real room.

3. Civilizations – AR

Civilizations AR

If someone is a history geek, he/she would definitely love this app. In Civilizations AR, you can learn about artifacts really up close and in depth. For a deeper understanding of the structure, build quality, material and design techniques of the historical objects. You can choose among 40 different historical masterpieces from all over the world and as old as 400 BC as the timeline.

4. Big Bang Augmented Reality

Big Bang Application

This one is just a mind-blowing AR app. In this app you can experience the Big Bang right in your bedroom. Your home becomes the reference point and the journey of the universe’s beginning starts to unfold in front of you. Obviously, you don’t have to wait for 13.8 billion years to find out how the things fell into places in your new universe. You can skip all the visuals straight to the final formation of a new universe. But going through that journey and interacting with heavenly bodies is one of its kind experience.

5. IKEA Place

IKEA Place Application

This app is very practical and makes the process of choosing the most suitable furniture for your home fun and easy. You just need to pick a furniture item from the Virtual IKEA store and then select a spot in your home to see if that fits there.

AR apps and softwares, as discussed in the beginning of this article, are not only limited to entertainment. After many innovations in the field of Education and making things learn in a memorable experience, there are many AR applications that enhance the teaching as well as the learning methods. Now let’s see a list of few Augmented Reality apps for Education.

– Math Alive
– Aurasma
– Arloon Plants
– Blippar
– Quiver
– Elements – 4D

After this in-depth discussion about iOS augmented reality apps, we will also see what sort of augmented reality apps for Android are available. Out of many android AR apps, we have shortlisted only a few popular ones, most liked by the consumers of Android.

Here we go, Google Translate in on number one in the AR apps on Android, giving the real time translation of text written anywhere in over 59 languages. For example, you see a sign in a foreign language that you don’t understand but it seems important to you, all you need to do is point your camera towards the sign and you will see an augmented reality translated text overlaid on the real sign right away.

Then few more popular apps like ViewRanger, Google Lens, WallaMe, Ingress, and Holo have really spiked the overall AR-enabled Android phones sales globally.

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The End Of The Battle Nowhere Near In Sight: Apple Vs. Epic

Apple and Epic are currently locked in a very popular battle. The entire war is over the hugely famous game Fortnite and its payment methods. Now, we have learned that the battle is making its way towards a trial. This is bad news for the digital community and economy. A lot of things are up in the air and the result of the trial will tell how the rest of the companies that have apps on the Apple App Store will behave. This will spell trouble either for Epic or for Apple and neither party will leave the courthouse unscathed.

The issue that started the long, legal battle was that Fortnite wanted to get a court order that would force Apple to allow Fortnite back on the iOS App Store. Apple had blocked the game in August because Epic was trying to evade Apple’s payment system by launching its own payment system. Anyone who has had anything to do with iOS development knows that it is against the rules. In the contracts, it clearly states that if you want your app in the Apple App Store, you have to follow Apple’s payment methods.

Apple has stated that if the hugely famous game Fortnite starts following the rules again and drop the update that allows it to circumvent the Apple payment methods, it will allow Fortnite back into the store.

Last week the case went in front of Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers of the United States District Court for California, she said that the decision cannot be made on the spot and that Apple and Epic will have to move towards a full trial. The full trial will happen in July 2021 as Judge Yvonne is too busy before that time.

Epic’s Argument

Epic was the first one to throw the punch by enabling its own payment method that would override Apple’s payment methods. They later conceded that their update violated the Apple App Store contract, but they went ahead with it anyway.

Apple replied to this by stating that the policies that Apple has, that even Android developers know about, were meant to protect their customers’ private information.

Epic countered that argument by saying that Fortnite has been on the Apple App Store for many years and they have never put any customers’ data at risk.

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers was not at all impressed with Epic’s retorts and said that their actions amount to dishonesty and that they have also introduced a security threat that can damage the customers’ data and Apple’s reputation. She said that even though there are people who would consider the company as a bunch of heroes, the fact of the matter is that they lied and were not forthcoming and that makes them dishonest.

Epic had no choice but to concede to these facts, but they came back with the assertion that Apple’s policies were anti-competitive for app developers everywhere.

They further stated that Apple’s policies are only meant to consolidate Apple’s power over the store and that not only limits the competition but also offers a very limited and inferior selection of apps to the end-users.

Their last resort at attacking Apple was that the 30 percent commission Apple charged for in-app purchases. The judge did not look favorably upon all the allegations Epic was throwing at Apple.

Guess we all will have to wait till 2021 to find out how this battle ends.

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4 Best Augmented Reality Apps For Android Users In 2020

Even in today’s day and age, a lot of people think that AR is still a thing of the future. They think that it isn’t a part of the mainstream market and it will take time before it comes in. The truth is that more than 60 percent of consumers say that they prefer online stores where they can get an AR experience. 40 percent of consumers said that they will pay more for a product or a service if they offer an AR experience. The truth is that consumers nowadays want personalization and nothing offers personalization more than AR.

Still, we see that most of the brands out there don’t have anything to offer to their customers. They are still a little bit afraid of AR or ignorant of AR and are waiting for something to happen before they throw their hats in and become part of the experience.

In today’s competitive market, you try to get any kind of edge on your competitors. The best way to do that is by leveraging the power of technology. You have to pounce on the latest technology and utilize it before your competitors have a chance to do so. One of the latest technologies that you can use to offer your customers a more personalized experience is Augmented Reality. You can contact a good agency that offers augmented reality programming services and create your own app.

Here are some of the best Augmented Reality Apps that you can use in 2020.

1. Houzz

Android, 4.6

Houzz App

The name says it all. Houzz is one of the best Augmented Reality apps that you can use to choose designs, furniture, and layouts for your home. It won’t be wrong to call it a home improvement app. Not only does it allow you to view the new settings of your house, but it also provides eCommerce features that let you browse and buy whatever product you want. It’s this combination of AR experience and in-app purchases that has made Houzz one of the top AR apps in the digital world.

The best thing about the app: The “View in My Room” feature. If you are a furniture place or an interior decorator, and you are going to augmented reality companies looking for an app, this is the feature to ask for. This feature allows you to place different products in your home and see what they will look like. You can even see how different lighting will affect it in different ways.

2. IKEA Place

Android 3.7

IKEA Place

Another home décor app is the IKEA Place app for Android users. It is also available for iOS. IKEA is a Swedish furniture retailer and they have quickly found ways to keep ahead of the competition with innovative and technologically advanced ways. One such way is the AR app that they have. Some augmented reality developer has worked really hard to build this app for them and you’ll feel it when you use the app.

Unlike the previous app that allowed you to select a piece of furniture and see how it will look in your room, this app takes an overall grander approach. It takes into account your entire floor plan and then shows you items that it thinks will fit best. Once you have selected a piece of furniture, you can change the colours based on the colours that they have available and you can drag and drop the items to see which one works the best.

3. YouCam Makeup

Android 4.6

YouCam Makeup App

Now that we’ve talked about your house’s makeup, let’s talk about yours. The next app that we have for you is all about your inner artist and what you do with it. We all know that buying makeup can be really frustrating. Most of the times, you have to go out on a limb when purchasing some item. You don’t know how it will turn out when you actually use it. You can try a makeup item on the counter but the fluorescent lights that they have placed around the counter play tricks on you. When you get home, it doesn’t look the same as it looked in the store.

That is where YouCam comes into play. It offers you to test the makeup from some of the top brands in the market and see how it works with your natural skin colour and other pieces of makeup. Think of Snapchat but more advanced.

4. GIPHY World

Android 4.2


GIPHY World is an entire world that is full of rainbows, colours, and everything else that you can imagine. Think of this app as your 3D canvas. You can add GIFs and use AR technology to bring colours to your life.

You can use this app to spruce up your social media posts or you can add these effects to your product photos on your website, or anywhere else for that matter. GIPHY World will give your images the extra oomph that you’ve been looking for.


Augmented Reality has the power of taking a 2D scene and turning it into a 3D reality. You can use it in your personal life to add a bit of colour and pizzazz or you can use it to enhance your consumers’ experience with your brand and ensure that they keep coming back for more.

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