Six Best Technological Trends Of Mobile App Development In 2021-22

In today’s era of innovation, the use of mobile technology is constantly on the rise. It is becoming a top preference of businesses who intend to optimise their smartphones and develop customer-friendly applications to meet their growing demands. Mobile development is now a must for companies to build tailor-made apps to gain audience access and stay ahead of the competition. The increase of professional digital agency market competition pushes your organisation to develop the bulk of apps to win customer trust and ease them in their routine tasks. A minor step back can lose your considerable share of customers from the market. It is essential to follow the evolving trends and accelerate your pace with the advancement of technology.

The demand for mobile development is progressing ahead with the higher value of apps in the market. Customers need new mobile applications to help them in executing their household and corporate tasks. For businesses, apps are excellent resources to bring them long term success and fame in the industry. These applications provide a competitive edge over others and establish your unique brand identity among clients. Content creators are also aligned with a custom software developer to produce high quality and original content for the target audiences. Apps are trending today and will dominate the future of tomorrow. Android and IOS will be necktie competitors attempting to outsmart each other in 2022 and beyond.

Following are the six best technological trends of mobile app development in 2022:

Internet of Things Applications

Internet of Things Applications
Internet of Things Applications

Internet of things, aka IoT, is amongst the leading technology trends in the world. It is prevailing faster, and every company will soon cross the milestone of 75 billion by 2025. IoT is a new concept and gaining immense popularity among organisations and customers alike. It works as a connecting device and offers intelligent solutions for homes and businesses. The household purpose of using the internet of things is to provide automation and bring innovation in task execution. Customers can easily manage multiple domestic chores, such as washing machines, microwaves, air-conditioners, refrigerators, and several devices.

With a close circuit camera feature, you can monitor all the houses with robust safety systems. For organisations, IOT can perform a myriad of tasks such as maintaining security through face detection technology. It can identify your face and allow you to enter or exit from the building premises. Hire a mobile application development company to build automated IoT software and use sensors to access the data.

Cloud-Based Technology

Cloud-Based Technology
Cloud-Based Technology

Businesses invest a lot of money today on migrating their local server data to cloud-based technology. It provides them to have a vast storage space to store an enormous amount of data. Safety is the topmost priority to shift your data from a physical server to a virtual cloud. It gives robust encryption on the remote server location, making it nearly impossible for a hacker to attack or break into the system without any permission. Cloud computing offers a faster data loading capacity to upload or download data to your server whenever needed. It has better storage capabilities than google drive or dropbox. It streamlines your company operations and provides ease of endless storage capacity. Businesses can execute complicated tasks on the cloud and utilise the integration with IoT, AI, and ML to ensure a seamless function flow.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

The ever-increasing demand for augmented reality and virtual reality is changing the way of business and the future will be based on these technologies. AR enhances the real-time and utilises in clothing stores, shopping, commercial, and industrial, scientific applications. VR creates a virtual imagination that has no actual and physical existence. It is ideal for gaming and flight simulation activities, and most apps are being built on this fabulous technology.

Businesses can combine these with wearable app technology to fully utilise their features. Another feature of the AR app is a face filter to apply suitable makeup and beauty for young teen girls. Instagram and Snap Chat are real-world examples of augmented reality apps.

Chatbots Technology

Chatbots Technology
Chatbots Technology

The emergence of chatbot applications has been for three decades now. AOL instant messenger was the first-ever chatbot app in the world introduced for customer communication. Since then, companies have been utilizing chatbots for businesses.

Every new website or app has a pop-up box that indicates the presence of chatbots. These apps are built by using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to bring automation in the process of chat communication and to provide complete satisfaction to clients. Customers can interact with businesses and ask questions regarding an organisation’s historical background, mission, vision, products, and services. Customer support representative agents are hired to respond to all incoming queries and reply to them promptly.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Google, Amazon, and Apple are the leading technology-based companies that started using AI technology to interact with customers. Apple Siri was the first voice assistant that used artificial intelligence technology in 2017. It opened ways for businesses to integrate AI and ML and utilise their robust algorithms to build mobile apps. The most common artificial intelligence applications are chatbots, facial detection, surveillance technology, speech recognition, gaming, entertainment, medicine, financial forecasts, and shopping apps. These technologies are used to determine user behaviour, visualise the textual and visual data, and make predictions for future decisions.

Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications
Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web apps are an ideal alternative to native mobile development introduced in 2015. In seven years, it has gained tremendous popularity among businesses and customers. The emergence of PWA has shaped a new innovative trend in the mobile app development industry worldwide. It is a fast loading website that has a dynamic display and robust functionalities. Companies can use it for offline internet data without any downloading.  PWA apps are accessible through multiple devices and browser screens.

Bottom Line

Hence, in a nutshell, those mentioned above are the remarkable mobile app development trends that will flourish in 2022 and beyond. With the growth in technology, businesses need to upgrade their infrastructure and keep up the pace to sustain and stand beyond the competition. Using mobile technology in healthcare is a prevailing trend now and focuses on patients care. In business, mobile apps are being used for task automation.

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Top 4 Augmented Reality or Smart Glasses 2020

Augmented reality, or AR, needs a screen display that overlays graphics over our existing vision. Now, to do that, either we can use our mobile devices such as smartphones etcetera, or we need a head mounted device. The head mounted device is sure to give a more immersive experience, but just working good is not enough. It should be unobtrusive enough for actual every day wear, so that the person using it does not look out of place using them.

Now, AR is not the same as VR, or virtual reality. Unlike VR, which attempts to recreate the entire world around the user from scratch, augmented reality just expands and enhances the user’s interactions and experience. Just this last point alone is the reason that the tech sector believes that AR has the highest potential for mass acceptance and usage when compared to others technologies in the extended reality family.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a concept where take part in an interactive experience where the real world is enhanced using digital information, sometimes across multiple sensory modes. The aim is to integrate the digital content with the real world in such a way to provide a seamlessly immersive experience to the user.

While it is part of the extended reality family, it not quite different from virtual reality or VR. VR works by creating the visual world from scratch, rather than overlaying and enhancing like AR.

The real life application of augmented reality mobile apps, or augmented reality software services in general is quite diverse and widespread. Being an integral part of military equipment, or an important classroom tool to provide a more interactive approach to studying, or just using an AR mobile app to show a prospective buyer what a particular piece of furniture would look like at their home, AR is fast becoming a regular part of our lives. Many tech companies are working to create their own version of AR glasses, such as the augmented reality Microsoft glasses called the HoloLens project, or the augmented reality Apple Glasses.

Now let us look at some of the offerings for augmented reality wearables available on the market.

Best AR glasses on the market:

Best AR glasses

When we usually talk about AR wearables, we generally mean AR smart glasses, as the majority of more sophisticated wearables are for business or enterprise use. So let us start our list of the top ranked augmented reality glasses 2020:

  • Epson MOVERIO BT-300:

The Epson MOVERIO BT-330, also known as the MOVERIO BT-300 FPV is a set of smart glasses of Japanese origin, which provides an impressive list of specifications for an affordable price. The glasses themselves are of quite high quality, and the Epson App market that comes with it provides its users with a vast array of apps to go with the glasses.

A 720p HD resolution display, a high quality 5 megapixel camera and a long battery life make it an impressive addition in the smart glasses category.

The drone addition allows you to control a DJI drone directly via the glasses, or you can use the included controller.

These smart glasses are currently available on amazon for the competitive price of 550 Pounds Sterling.

  • Everysight Raptor:

AR capable smart glasses are becoming more popular with athletes, as it allows them instantaneous access to a lot of information about their physical activities. These smart glasses are designed specifically for cyclists. With a battery that can power the glasses for up to 8 hours with a single charge, a high quality front camera to record the biking trips, and connectivity options such as Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS, GLONASS etcetera, these glasses are truly wonderful. Not only that, considering the sports aspect, there the option to swap the lens tint according to the conditions or preference.

The buyer has the option of buying the compatible controller with the glasses, which turns the experience up a notch.

The base price for the glasses, without the optional controller and lens tints, is 500 Pounds Sterling.

  • Google Glass Enterprise Edition:

Also called the Google “EE”, this is the updated version of the Google Glass and the Google Glass Explorer. The upgrades include a faster processor, better camera, more reliable WIFI connectivity and a better GPS, which shows that Google listened to the feedback from customers of their previous products. Though the smart glasses are quite feature rich, the hefty price tag of 1400 Pounds Sterling is a roadblock towards widespread adoption of the device, and therefore targets enterprise and business users.

  • Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses:

Vuzix Blade AR glasses are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. This stylish yet low profile and unobtrusive pair of smart glasses boast an impressive 8 megapixel Hi definition camera, an innovative set of rechargeable batteries and as well as the capability to provide haptic feedback.

The current price for a pair of Vuzix Blade AR glasses is 630 Pounds Sterling, which might be a bit expensive for general users, but those in the market for a stylish pair of feature rich smart glasses but don’t want to pay for the enterprise level options, these are just perfect.

To conclude, the market for AR glasses is expanding day by day, with many companies working to create cheaper and better options for a wider adoptability by the users. For now, we can try to snag the cheaper options to try out and enjoy the experience they offer.

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The End Of The Battle Nowhere Near In Sight: Apple Vs. Epic

Apple and Epic are currently locked in a very popular battle. The entire war is over the hugely famous game Fortnite and its payment methods. Now, we have learned that the battle is making its way towards a trial. This is bad news for the digital community and economy. A lot of things are up in the air and the result of the trial will tell how the rest of the companies that have apps on the Apple App Store will behave. This will spell trouble either for Epic or for Apple and neither party will leave the courthouse unscathed.

The issue that started the long, legal battle was that Fortnite wanted to get a court order that would force Apple to allow Fortnite back on the iOS App Store. Apple had blocked the game in August because Epic was trying to evade Apple’s payment system by launching its own payment system. Anyone who has had anything to do with iOS development knows that it is against the rules. In the contracts, it clearly states that if you want your app in the Apple App Store, you have to follow Apple’s payment methods.

Apple has stated that if the hugely famous game Fortnite starts following the rules again and drop the update that allows it to circumvent the Apple payment methods, it will allow Fortnite back into the store.

Last week the case went in front of Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers of the United States District Court for California, she said that the decision cannot be made on the spot and that Apple and Epic will have to move towards a full trial. The full trial will happen in July 2021 as Judge Yvonne is too busy before that time.

Epic’s Argument

Epic was the first one to throw the punch by enabling its own payment method that would override Apple’s payment methods. They later conceded that their update violated the Apple App Store contract, but they went ahead with it anyway.

Apple replied to this by stating that the policies that Apple has, that even Android developers know about, were meant to protect their customers’ private information.

Epic countered that argument by saying that Fortnite has been on the Apple App Store for many years and they have never put any customers’ data at risk.

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers was not at all impressed with Epic’s retorts and said that their actions amount to dishonesty and that they have also introduced a security threat that can damage the customers’ data and Apple’s reputation. She said that even though there are people who would consider the company as a bunch of heroes, the fact of the matter is that they lied and were not forthcoming and that makes them dishonest.

Epic had no choice but to concede to these facts, but they came back with the assertion that Apple’s policies were anti-competitive for app developers everywhere.

They further stated that Apple’s policies are only meant to consolidate Apple’s power over the store and that not only limits the competition but also offers a very limited and inferior selection of apps to the end-users.

Their last resort at attacking Apple was that the 30 percent commission Apple charged for in-app purchases. The judge did not look favorably upon all the allegations Epic was throwing at Apple.

Guess we all will have to wait till 2021 to find out how this battle ends.

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4 Best Augmented Reality Apps For Android Users In 2020

Even in today’s day and age, a lot of people think that AR is still a thing of the future. They think that it isn’t a part of the mainstream market and it will take time before it comes in. The truth is that more than 60 percent of consumers say that they prefer online stores where they can get an AR experience. 40 percent of consumers said that they will pay more for a product or a service if they offer an AR experience. The truth is that consumers nowadays want personalization and nothing offers personalization more than AR.

Still, we see that most of the brands out there don’t have anything to offer to their customers. They are still a little bit afraid of AR or ignorant of AR and are waiting for something to happen before they throw their hats in and become part of the experience.

In today’s competitive market, you try to get any kind of edge on your competitors. The best way to do that is by leveraging the power of technology. You have to pounce on the latest technology and utilize it before your competitors have a chance to do so. One of the latest technologies that you can use to offer your customers a more personalized experience is Augmented Reality. You can contact a good agency that offers augmented reality programming services and create your own app.

Here are some of the best Augmented Reality Apps that you can use in 2020.

1. Houzz

Android, 4.6

Houzz App

The name says it all. Houzz is one of the best Augmented Reality apps that you can use to choose designs, furniture, and layouts for your home. It won’t be wrong to call it a home improvement app. Not only does it allow you to view the new settings of your house, but it also provides eCommerce features that let you browse and buy whatever product you want. It’s this combination of AR experience and in-app purchases that has made Houzz one of the top AR apps in the digital world.

The best thing about the app: The “View in My Room” feature. If you are a furniture place or an interior decorator, and you are going to augmented reality companies looking for an app, this is the feature to ask for. This feature allows you to place different products in your home and see what they will look like. You can even see how different lighting will affect it in different ways.

2. IKEA Place

Android 3.7

IKEA Place

Another home décor app is the IKEA Place app for Android users. It is also available for iOS. IKEA is a Swedish furniture retailer and they have quickly found ways to keep ahead of the competition with innovative and technologically advanced ways. One such way is the AR app that they have. Some augmented reality developer has worked really hard to build this app for them and you’ll feel it when you use the app.

Unlike the previous app that allowed you to select a piece of furniture and see how it will look in your room, this app takes an overall grander approach. It takes into account your entire floor plan and then shows you items that it thinks will fit best. Once you have selected a piece of furniture, you can change the colours based on the colours that they have available and you can drag and drop the items to see which one works the best.

3. YouCam Makeup

Android 4.6

YouCam Makeup App

Now that we’ve talked about your house’s makeup, let’s talk about yours. The next app that we have for you is all about your inner artist and what you do with it. We all know that buying makeup can be really frustrating. Most of the times, you have to go out on a limb when purchasing some item. You don’t know how it will turn out when you actually use it. You can try a makeup item on the counter but the fluorescent lights that they have placed around the counter play tricks on you. When you get home, it doesn’t look the same as it looked in the store.

That is where YouCam comes into play. It offers you to test the makeup from some of the top brands in the market and see how it works with your natural skin colour and other pieces of makeup. Think of Snapchat but more advanced.

4. GIPHY World

Android 4.2


GIPHY World is an entire world that is full of rainbows, colours, and everything else that you can imagine. Think of this app as your 3D canvas. You can add GIFs and use AR technology to bring colours to your life.

You can use this app to spruce up your social media posts or you can add these effects to your product photos on your website, or anywhere else for that matter. GIPHY World will give your images the extra oomph that you’ve been looking for.


Augmented Reality has the power of taking a 2D scene and turning it into a 3D reality. You can use it in your personal life to add a bit of colour and pizzazz or you can use it to enhance your consumers’ experience with your brand and ensure that they keep coming back for more.

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What Is Augmented Reality And How It Works For Different Industries?

Do you remember the time when you would rent or buy a shop, invest money in it, put in the products and then wait for your customers to show up? You would distribute flyers or take advantage of different traditional marketing techniques to bring in the local customers and that was all you were able to do.

Now, the landscape has changed completely. Businesses are rapidly transforming themselves and entering the digital realm to reach their customers around the world. The entire market has gone global. You could be sitting in London and selling your products to your customers in China, Russia, the United States, or anywhere around the world.

It is surprising to see that there are still a lot of businesses that haven’t got on the bandwagon of technology. In a world where successful businesses are rapidly integrating the latest and state of the art technology to achieve their business goals, you cannot afford to ignore it. You need the latest technologies and tools to excel in the market and keep ahead of the competition.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality (AR)

One of the technologies that has recently hit the market and made a lot of waves in the market is Augmented Reality. It has emerged as a force to contend with and it has completely changed the way a lot of industries work. Today, you can find a lot of high-end services and applications provided by some AR app development company that enables you to provide a much more powerful experience to your customers.

So, what is Augmented Reality and how does it work?

AR is the technology that adds digital data to the physical world. It is like adding layers on top of what you are already seeing through your smartphone. In Virtual Reality (VR) you can see entire digital worlds come to life, but AR is different than that. You take the existing environment and add visual, audio, or other elements to it.

Take, for example, the various selfie effects that you can use in Snapchat. Your face is the existing physical environment and AR adds different digital effects to it.

Augmented Reality for Different Industries

AR Technology

AR has affected various industries and helped them evolve into something much more. You will be hard-pressed to find an industry that hasn’t evolved thanks to AR technology.

Some of the industries that have evolved thanks to AR are:


Augmented Reality has really transformed the healthcare industry and the process is still ongoing. Thanks to AR, healthcare providers are now better equipped to handle various diseases and problems and treat their patients better. Now, doctors have a much better way of learning about the human anatomy as well as how various diseases affect the various internal organs and more. They can also diagnose diseases and ailments better. For example, now doctors can analyse a patients’ CT scans by laying them over the patient’s previous body images and find out the difference. Also, they can perform invasive surgeries better like endoscopies and more. With AR technology, they can focus better and get all the vital information that they require.

That is not all. Now doctors can also educate their patients better by overlaying the results of scans and moreover the patient’s image and showing the patients what impact the disease has had on them.


One of the industries that have been majorly affected by AR technology is the manufacturing industry. A lot of manufacturing businesses have already adopted this technology and more and more are jumping on the bandwagon. If you want to construct a mechanical part, you can view it in AR and see how it will come out even before starting the production process. You can make changes based on your AR feedback and make sure that there is nothing wrong with it. This way, you can save a whole lot of money that was wasted if there ever was a mistake. Manufacturing is fast becoming smarter thanks to the Augmented Reality app development company.


Another industry that is taking full advantage of Augmented Reality is the education industry. AR has provided educators around the world to expose their students to a plethora of experiences that they wouldn’t have been able to afford. This is especially true for children who are facing some challenges in learning. All you need to do is to contact an agency that provides Augmented Reality development service and create an app for any subject and any grade. For example, if you are in a school in London or anywhere else in the UK, you can create an app that can show you animals, birds, and rodents that do not exist there. You can view visuals, experience sounds, and more while sitting in your classroom. Similarly, you can teach your students about human anatomy by showing them an AR-based human skeleton that looks real.


These are only some of the industries that have been affected by AR technology. More industries include real estate, military, shopping, and more. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is the right time for you to have your custom AR app developed so you can survive in the future and reach your global audience.


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The Battle Of Two Giants: Apple And Epic Games

If you are related to the gaming industry in any way, you already know that there is a fierce battle going on between two giants of the industry. Namely, Apple and Epic Games. Epic Games is the company responsible for the highly addictive and engaging Fortnite Game.

A lot of people are interested in this battle and are keeping up to date with what’s going on. This includes gamers, mobile game developers, and more. Both the companies are hugely popular for what they do and neither of them is apparently eager to back down.

Epic Games had filed a motion for Apple to allow the game Fortnite back into the App Store. Apple was adamant that it will only do so when Epic Games followed the App Store guidelines related to purchases. This is the entire battle in a nutshell.

Recently, a district court made its ruling and Epic Games were told that their motion was denied. But the ruling was a little confusing as well since the court also told apple to unblock the Unreal Engine. The Unreal Engine is what many companies that provide mobile development services use.

According to the District Court Judge, Apple is not allowed to strike back at Epic Games by blocking the Unreal Engine. A lot of game developers as well as third-party tools developers that exist on the Apple platform use the Unreal Engine tool. This harms not only the developers but also the entire gaming industry. According to the Judge, even though Epic Games violated the rules of the App Store, they did not break any rules as far as the Unreal Engine was concerned. The Judge said that Apple had tried to punish Epic Games for what they did but it is also affecting all the third parties involved in the system.

As far as the game Fortnite is concerned, the Judge said that it will remain off the App Store as long as they choose to breach the App Store guidelines and rules. If they want the game back in the Store, they will have to follow the App Store rules.

Epic Games introduced a payment system in their game Fortnite that allowed users to access the system directly without going through the Apple Store. At this, Apple removed Fortnite from the Apple Store. Epic Games knew this was going to happen and they immediately filed a lawsuit against Apple. This is a bold marketing move according to companies that provide mobile app marketing services although not many dare to replicate it.

The District Court ruling means that at least other developers won’t be affected by this battle. As far as Fortnite is concerned, nobody knows what the future might hold for millions of people who love the game.

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8 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Android

What type of smartphone do you have right now? Do you have an iPhone, Android, or a Windows phone? Are you thinking of switching to an Android phone? You must have seen all your friends talking about the latest software and tools they are using or the latest upgrades they are enjoying. Or, you may be using an Android and want to know more about it.

Whatever the case, here are the top 8 questions that people frequently ask experts about Android. Once you know the answers, you will definitely want to own an Android phone.

Let’s get into it.


What Is the Android Operating System and who owns it?

Android Operating System

Did you know that Google owns the Android operating system? True, an Android app development company located in Silicon Valley developed it. But Google acquired the system in 2005 and hasn’t looked back since. The company was named Android Inc.

Android is an operating system that was primarily meant for smartphones and other touchscreen devices like tablets, etc. It allows users to operate their mobile devices through common finger movements like tapping, swiping, pinching, and more.

Now Google uses the Android system for other devices too like wristwatches, Google television, and more.


What are the versions of Android?

Versions of Android

Android has come a long way since its inception. Not only has it changed visually, but also functionally. There have been a lot of major and minor changes in the system. In the beginning, it was not a very good operating system, with loads of faults, but it has really transformed into something beautiful today. You will find a plethora of Android app development services in the market offering amazing apps for various purposes.

Here are the versions of Android that have come into the market.

  • Android versions 1.0 to 1.1 (no dessert name)
  • Android 1.5, Cupcake
  • Android 1.6, Donut
  • Android 2.0-2.1, Eclair
  • Android 2.2-2.2.3, Froyo
  • Android 2.3-2.3.7, Gingerbread
  • Android 3.0-3.2.6, Honeycomb
  • Android 4.0-4.0.4, Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Android 4.1-4.3.1, Jelly Bean
  • Android 4.4-4.4.4, KitKat
  • Android 5.0-5.1.1, Lollipop
  • Android 6.0-6.0.1, Marshmallow
  • Android 7.0-7.1.2, Nougat
  • Android 8.0-8.1, Oreo
  • Android 9.0, Pie
  • Android 10.0


What are the advantages of using Android?

Advantages of Android

There are quite a few advantages of using a smartphone with an Android operating system. Some of them are:

  • Loads of apps
  • Third-party apps also supported
  • Internet sharing among other devices
  • Hundreds of smartphone models to choose from
  • Expandable memory
  • Support large screens at an affordable price
  • Run multiple apps simultaneously
  • Use multiple widgets
  • Foldable devices have been introduced
  • Large community support
  • Easily change unwanted features
  • Open-source
  • Cloud storage
  • Restoring and backup of apps


What are the disadvantages of using Android?

Disadvantages of Android

Although the Android operating system is a very powerful one, there are some disadvantages to it as well.

They are:

  • Apps run in the background
  • Developers have a tough time
  • Virus protection
  • Many ads in apps
  • Not friendly with old people
  • Google account needed
  • Bad quality apps


Is Android better than iOS?

Android VS iOS

That is the million-dollar question that everybody keeps asking android developers. It all depends on your needs and wants from the operating system, but we think that Android easily surpasses iOS as it offers so much more.

Here are some of the reasons why we think Android is better than iOS:

  • Flexibility
  • Functionality
  • Freedom of choice
  • Better values
  • 5mm headphone jacks
  • USB Type-C charging ports with fast charging
  • Customization, widgets and skins
  • Many more hardware options, including rugged phones
  • A true, working file system
  • A back button
  • Multi-window support


What is the latest version of Android?

Latest Version of Android

As you saw earlier, there have been numerous versions of Android. The latest, however, is Android 10.0 which was released in September 2019. It first appeared in Google’s Pixel devices. You may notice that Android 10.0 doesn’t have a dessert name like every other version so far. There’s no reason given for it. Although, Google has said that they will use a dessert name for this version internally.

Android 10.0 has a lot more to offer its users than its predecessors. Google has really packed a punch in this version. They have completely changed the gesture navigation as well as introducing a system-level dark mode. Also, the permission controls are much better and they have beefed up the security protocols as well.

All of this will be delivered through Google Play.


How can I update Android version manually?

Update Android Version Manually

Usually, Android versions update automatically and you don’t have to do anything but if somehow it doesn’t happen then this is how you can update your Android version manually:

1. Locate the firmware for your manufacturer

Depending on the make and model of your Android phone, you can visit their official website and download the firmware. Make sure that you do it from an authentic website.

2. Installing the firmware

First, make sure that your device is unlocked and rooted. Then you will have to locate the program which is best for your device. You can also use custom recovery. Once that is done, you can install the firmware.


How do I download Android software?

Download Android software

There are a lot of software and tools you might need that aren’t available in the Android Market. Don’t let that discourage you. You can easily download them from other sources.

Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Configure your smartphone

Before you do anything, you have to ensure that the non-Market app installation is enabled in your device. Here’s how you do it:

  • Tap Menu.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Applications.
  • Check the box labelled Unknown Sources.

Now, you are ready to install software on your Android phone.

Step 2: Locate the software

Step 3: Install a file manager

Step 4: Download the software

Step 5: Install the software

Step 6: Disable Unknown Sources



These are the top 8 questions that you will hear often. Now that you know the answers, you can easily shed some knowledge among your family and friends. Let us know if there’s a question that we’ve missed and we will update it here.

5 Top Iot Devices For Business Industry

Technology has quickly become ubiquitous in our lives. Whether we look at our personal lives, social lives, or professional lives, we see a heavy dependency on technology. That is because it has provided us with a lot of benefits. We are now doing business on a worldwide scale. Small and medium businesses have a chance to compete in the big market. Distance is not something we need to concern ourselves with. It has also given us a better and greener way of doing business. All our documentation and systems are on a cloud and we don’t need the stacks of papers and files to conduct business anymore. It has made all our business processes smarter and much cheaper than they were earlier.

One of the technologies that are disrupting the market and other industries right now is IoT (Internet of Things). Thanks to IoT, we are seeing many affordable solutions to our problems. Also, we now have access to data that we didn’t have before.

For people who do not understand IoT, it might seem complicated and a huge expense that they can surely do without. The truth is that IoT has done exactly the opposite for us. It has made everything much simpler thanks to the Internet of Things application services and more. Businesses are becoming more effective and affordable. Everybody now has a chance of competing with the giants and getting their piece of the pie.

If you want to get on the IoT bandwagon and get an app you can easily do so by contacting the best IoT app development company. This way you can compete with the biggest businesses in your niche without the need for their kind of budget.

Here, we are going to list down some IoT devices that can help you run your business more smoothly and efficiently.

1. Smart Lock

Smart Lock

Have you ever been in a situation where you or someone else lost the key to the office and the lock had to be replaced for security reasons? Have you ever gone to the office only to find out that you left the keys at home? These types of incidents can really hamper business and negatively affect its productivity and efficiency.

Enters, the Smart Lock. It will provide you with the convenience that you are looking for. You can manage the entire office or even a building with nothing more than your smartphone. All you need is a smart application from an experienced IoT applications development company, and you are good to go. No more worrying about lost keys and broken locks. You and your employees can control the locks with your smartphones.

2. Connected Cameras

Connected Cameras

CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras have been used for security purposes for years now. Thanks to the advancements in technology, they are becoming cheaper and cheaper. And now, thanks to IoT technology, they can work in tandem with the above mentioned smart lock technology. This gives business owners and security managers the ability to monitor these cameras from any place. They do not need to be physically present at the site. All they need is an app that will give them access to all the cameras as well as their control. These cameras are connected through Wi-Fi, so there’s no need for any kind of cables as long as they have a power outlet. All the data collected can be stored easily on a cloud and viewed later. Not only are they best for security, but also for predicting customer behaviours. If you are running a brick and mortar shop, these cameras can easily tell you which isles the customers visited the most. Coupling this data with purchase records can give you valuable insights into customer behaviour and that can lead to more personalized services.

3. Mobile Card Readers

Mobile Card Readers

The retail industry has seen a revolution in payment solutions thanks to Mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) technology. Customers don’t need to carry a huge amount of cash around for their purchases. They can use cards to pay for everything including groceries, electronics, and more. They can eat out. Also, this reduces the risk of security threats and thefts. Mobile card readers allow your customers to visit your businesses and safely make any transaction without worrying.

Although safer than cash, these card readers are prone to hacking, and experts advise keeping them and the apps that they use up to date.

4. Inventory & Stock Control

Inventory And Stock Control

Thanks to barcodes, Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) tags, and other IoT devices, it has become much easier for businesses to keep and manage their inventories and monitor their stock. Thanks to IoT technology, you can have a smart store where the cameras and sensors help you keep track of things. You can view all of this in your app without the need to physically enter your inventory. Not only does it help you in keeping your inventory fully stocked, but also helps you find out which items are popular among customers and which are not.

5. Shipping Trackers

Shipping Trackers

Gone are the days when you had to wait for days upon days until your shipment arrived. Now, thanks to IoT technology, you can monitor your shipment and see exactly where it is at any given moment. As a business owner, you can connect tracking devices to all your vehicles and know their locations at any time. The same can be done in your warehouse. You can easily get pallet and package-level information. This not only increases the visibility of the shipment but it can also help you reduce the number of mistakes being made.

Bringing It All Together

Technological advancements have brought us to the stage that sometimes we might feel that we are living in a sci-fi movie. IoT is the latest technology to hit the market and it is already creating quite a disruption. Businesses need to implement this technology to get to the next level and maintain their superiority in the market.

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