Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Safeguarding the information of every client visiting our website is our crucial policy, which we abide, no matter what. While following a set of certain privacy policies for our clients, these policies depicts that how we are gathering and then utilizing the data provided for maximizing premium to perfect services for our clients. The reason for collecting this genis using this information for promotional strategies, advertisement, informative mailing and many other exciting offers. Just in case, if any customer later on decides that they are not willing to work with us anymore, we assure you, we will safeguard your information as per the policy.

Reason for Collecting This Information?                  

All the information being collected by Creatix9 is simply a procedure of self-analysis. At the website, all the information that is being collected is toimprove the service quality and providing you with all the information that is certainly for your major interest. The information collected at Creatix9 provides us with the idea that how much new customers have recently joined us and what were the reason that helped them to explore us!

To the exclusion of everything else, Creatix9accumulates information to upgrade the services we offer and to provide you with such information and services that are solely related to your interests. We similarly use your information to dissect and quantify our achievement of execution. For example, add up to information gives us thought of the number of visitors we have pulled by the way they investigate our locales.

Personal Data Collection and Communication

The data we assemble about our clients and customers is totally given by them on deliberate premise. The data can be unveiled in various waysas per the clients having faith upon what sort of management they pick.

For instance your charge card data can be imparted to us while you have joined on our site or while giving data on the telephone. Talking about our installment procedure, it is typically completed by the outsiders like PayPal, 2 Checkout, Authorize and Stripe. The organizations referenced above will never hold, share or reestablish your information as they are just qualified for convey the charging of our administrations.

In the event that our client or customer needs to run a limited time crusade, we may extricate some data from them which incorporates name, physical area, address, charge card data and other related data so as to finish the assignment. The above data is removed amid the enrollment procedure.

Your E-mail is required so we can send you pertinent data with respect to the administrations you have decided on. Your E-Mail is additionally used to make you mindful about our up and coming designs and tasks which could be of your advantage. Anyway with each limited time message we generally have the alternative of withdraw, or you can withdraw by sending us an E-Mail.

For such sort of E-sends, we may require your private subtleties like E-mail address, telephone numbers, area and name of the business. Before writing the email to us, please do express “advancing messages quit” in the subject line. You can provide us with your charge card information on the website or on mobile phone, while settling the data on our administrations. Our premium payment procedure is completed by the outsider like PayPal 2Checkout, Authorize and Stripe.

Information you provide to us

It is entirely against our approach to relate any data furnished by the clients with the data on the site. The data that you give amid enrollment or join is just used to furnish you with the applicable data in regards to benefit. In the event that there is any adjustment in your own data you may address, refresh or erase by passing on us the message by telephone call or through E-Mail.

Usage and Protection of Your Personal Information

As expressed per approach any information you give isn’t to be shared anyplace anyway the information can be exchanged if the organization is sold out or get converged with some other firm. In any case, we can impart your information to our consultants. These outsiders have no pleasure to use your personalstatistics. Their motivation is to make the administration application. Talking about which, we do have the expertise to expose your data as mandatory by the law. We believe that presentation is critical to anchor our rights and pursue a legal continuing, court ask for, or legitimate methodology served on our site.

Other Data we collect

We do amass and accrue some other data which exist to be close to home through treats. This information includes your own IP address, bclearfixser type and the pages you visit. We likewise screen how you got to our destinations and what joins you tapped on before leaving the locales. This aggregate data is assembled both on our destinations.