Due to thousands of websites roaming on Google algorithms, it has now become a challenging job for digital marketers to be on top of the Google search engine pages. Although the content is up-to-date and helpful, the problem still exists.


Marketers are making great efforts to put their brand on Google’s first page as they know that failing to rank on that page could have severe consequences. It will be extremely difficult for clients to find, and potential growth will get stuck.


Note down whenever we, you, or our clients visit the Google page for any purpose; we don’t go to the second page, and the same goes for 99% of people. In turn, it implies that not being available on the first page of Google leads to overcoming our rivals, and they take all the benefits they can from clients. And we miss out on this opportunity.


But this doesn’t mean that you stop making efforts. There are many options available to lift up your brand to that level and overcome the challenges.


Remember, in these efforts, collaborating with a third party or you can outsource an SEO project is the best way to reduce the cost associated with marketing and focus more on your core processes.

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This article is for these digital marketing buddies who are desperate to rank their brand at any cost to the top google level.


The nine valuable tips we will discuss will blow your mind and help you avoid costly mistakes.


Let’s move on and keep reading!


Detail research is the central part of it

Everyone knows that brand owners cannot move their marketing strategy without research. In an SEO enhancement situation, keyword research plays a very helpful part as SEO ranking relies on it. Most people or even experts assume we are champions of it.


Well, in actuality, they are not. They grab a bunch of keywords and let themselves, or with the assistance of the SEO team, guide their team to make an impact.


There has been no in-depth research regarding relevancy, and they do not know if they are trendy or not. What they assume is that they used the LSI of the given keywords and made content (as sometimes they do keyword stuffing).


When in-depth research is involved, a better, stronger, and more helpful approach occurs. Like to find as many keywords related to their services or products as you can. With a detailed study (a bulky task), you came to about 250-350 keywords associated with your business.


If you come up with the most relevant 300 keywords, it means you can potentially come across 25 opportunities to rank on top of Google. But if you assume only 20 keywords are relevant, chances are very low to rank higher, maybe one or most 2.



The logic is easy: the more keywords there are, the higher the potential to take the lead in the SEO world.



Updating of absolute content



Google aims to deliver the most updated and trendy knowledge. It does this by giving that website a higher ranking, which rewards that content is grammatically correct, uses average synonyms, has proper sentence structure, and, most importantly, up-to-date information.


If your website follows Google content guidelines, follows trends related to your industry and niche, and is valuable and relevant, then you are at the top.


If not, the best approach is to be aware of the latest trends and update your content according to those trends, considering all the rules that Google asks you to follow. Your content will always be optimized and classic.


One more thing! Don’t forget to look at what your rivals are posting or their content strategy. This will be very helpful for you, as you both have the same audience (with only minor differences), so it will help you grasp the audience with quality content.




Execute the reverse outreach tactic

This strategy is also (can be) called a “link-building strategy.” Grasping a large volume of backlinks is a precious approach and enhances your website’s authoritativeness. Quality content on your website naturally leads your site to other relevant sites via backlinking. It is like a link builder approach to you rather than you are doing external linking.


Yet the ideal approach is to use quality content with original data (content you write from very trusted websites and compile into one) that can be useful as a source.


When you apply this approach, your content becomes a hub of valuable resources that automatically draws backlinks. Because of this, you don’t need to work on strategies like active link building, such as guest posting.



Mold your content as per EEAT Google guidelines



EEAT (experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) is a formula that Google advises brands to implement in their website or portal content. It is an idea that analyses the reliance of the display information in the Google engine results. Remember that this indicates content quality rather than a ranking factor.


Businesses can better their content as per EEAT by following these: –


  • Reliable and reputable sources linking
  • Use an author bio
  • Display your certification, experience, and social media occurrence
  • Internal linking


Snip rival backlinks



The poor quality backlinks are why your content is not on top Google ranking, and your rival has.

To overcome this, the best you can do is use Ahrefs and run their sites. SEMrush is also an alternative SEO tool you can use to analyze your rivals’ SEO performance and expose their backlinks.


Find out that website or persons who link your rival’s website to theirs. Then, persuade them to use your links on their site as a source—a challenging task. To succeed in this situation, add some value or incentive in your message for their site.


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Produce skimming content

This era of digitalization is surrounded by a lot of information, and it is getting even more every day. In this situation, it is very challenging that people will read your content from beginning to end. Instead, they can scan the specific information from the text.


So here comes the more creative way to make the content entirely readable, and that is by skimming it. When writing content, be clear, make sub-points, and always make a great title short.


Then, break down the content into small paragraphs (no more than 60-80 words) and use graphics designing design when required.


In turn, people will read your will interest and quickly grab the main points without reading from start to finish.


Such content will be helpful for both types: those who prefer to read the entire blog and those who prefer to read the main points and move on.


It will lead to more users, which indicates to Google that your content holds great value.


Go for prime URL slugs



Click-through rates have a positive relationship with URL slugs. The more optimized the URL slugs, the higher the click-through rates. Use concise and tidy URLs for more clicks rather than lengthy and untidy URLs just by copying the headlines.


For instance, if your blog post is about the best digital marketing service provider that can boost your SEO ranking, the URL must be www.forexample.com/Imrove-your-SEO-rankings-with-digital-marketing” as concise and neat and attack or clicks rather than www.forexample.com/best-digital-marketing-service-provider-that-can-boost-your-SEO-ranking.


Compress your pictures

Your website weightage can heighten up when the images are too heavy. Compressing your website is like removing irrelevant burdens from the website for incredibly smoother UX and UI. Best digital marketing service provider that can boost your SEO ranking the moment the images get compressed, the file size slows down, leading to quick loading website.


Visitors can leave within less than seconds during slow website loading, which can damage your SEO rankings. So, don’t take this issue just as a technical error, but as way to resolve it with a view that it will improve user experience.



Use CTAs in a blog posting

It’s not a must-have tip, but it’s still helpful. Most writers don’t prefer to use CTA in their blogs, but getting clients and growing revenue is the priority of most SMEs.

So, making CTAs and adding them to the content can be a path to convincing or motivating readers to click on your offerings. Whether it is a blog post, newsletter, brochure, or any resourceful downloadable document, with an effective CTA, you can convert your visitors into buyers.



SME faces severe hurdles in the SEO world due to the hustle of competitors who are doing their best to overtake each other. Updating SEO content still won’t work.


Therefore, following these nine valuable tips will guide your SEO updates.


Following these tips can make your SEO efforts powerful and successful.




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