Appreciate Fathers Day with Employees using 6 Custom Stationaries

Father’s Day is coming.


If you value your father as a business owner, you believe it is essential to create an environment where employees can celebrate this day with their loved ones.


You have custom stationery as business communication material, such as a coffee mug with your band logo and name, notepads, business cards, pens, pencils, or custom t-shirts.


Consider this an opportunity to appreciate this day.


For a limited time, your business communication materials can include a Father’s Day element alongside your brand and logo.


This blog will help you get ideas for additional custom stationery you can use and design accordingly for a Father’s Day besides your brand and logo. We will tell you what taglines, colors, and graphics you can use in your six communication materials.


Let’s start!

Embrace Father’s Day with Staff using 6 Custom Stationaries


A core part is used in business meeting presentations and is mainly found in folders and files. This printed paper has a business logo, attractive page borders, headers, and footers.


You can also add a tagline, “Our creators, our supporters—we love you, Dad.”


Whenever you have a meeting before Father’s Day, and employees see this, they feel valuable towards your business. This way, they appreciate the business value.


Whether it is opened by executive employees, a senior manager, a CEO, or a stakeholder, all simultaneously feel that the company has a culture of employee respect.


This approach could produce miracles. It may even retain the employees who are leaving your company.

2.Greeting cards



A dual-sided folder is used by couples, family members, and employees to give to each other as a token of love for their birthday wishes.


As Father’s Day approaches, this custom business cards can be the best gift you can give each employee to appreciate this Father’s Day.


HR team arranges a small session in which they gather all employees. Each can receive a flower bouquet, chocolates, and custom mugs with greeting cards.




Notepads are a common custom stationery item for print and hand communication. You can redesign your brand notepad with a Father’s Day appreciation format.


You can put “Happy Father’s Day!” centered at the top to convey the occasion.


At the top, you can add a simple representation of a notepad page with lines. Inside the notepad, you can add three identical drawings of a square-shaped figure symbolizing a box or gift. A square border surrounds each of these boxes.


At the bottom of the notepad, you can write, “Thank you for all you do!” to express gratitude to fathers for their efforts and care.

4.Pens and pencils

Pens and pencils are everyday custom stationery for hand and print communication.


You can redesign your pens and pencil stationery with new taglines and colors. In addition to your name and logo, you can add a tagline saying,” Our father taught you how to write. We succeed because of you.”


During the Father’s Day appreciation session, the HR team can also gift the employees a bundle of pens and pencils, flower books, mugs, and custom T-shirts.


Businesses can use deep blue with gold accents for a sophisticated touch with a sleek, glossy finish.


The tagline “Our father taught us how to write. We succeed because of you.” can be engraved in gold lettering along the length of the pen and pencil.


To complement the design, you can place the company logo in gold or silver near the tip of the pen and pencil.


Present the pens and pencils in a velvet-lined box in the same color scheme, adding to the luxurious feel.




Calendars are in the corner of the office on every employee’s desk.


So it’s time to change the look of the employees’ desks this Father’s Day.


The company can redesign a calendar with a 4-4 inch image frame on the right side and a 4-4 inch monthly on the right frame.


You can build a bit of visual interest at the bottom right corner of the frame. This area could feature subtle illustrations or motifs related to Father’s Day, such as ties, tools, or father-child silhouettes.


Adding relevant quotes or anecdotes about fatherhood each month can enrich the calendar’s content and resonate with employees.

6.Custom Mugs



Every reputable business has custom mugs with a brand mentioned with a logo and tagline.


Even in certain businesses, every employee has their mug decorated with their name and hobbies.


The company can change or modify its custom mug design with the father’s Appreciation this day.


For a Father’s Day custom mug, you can allow for customization with a favorite family photo or a picture of a dad with his kids spiced up with different fonts and styles or incorporating dad’s hobbies or profession (e.g., “Best Grill Master Dad Ever”).


These are the six most potent ten custom stationaries to appreciate Father’s Day with employees.


Custom stationery designs are the essential part of corporate branding agency, and you can enhance it by customizing stationery for popular occasions such as mothers’/fathers’ or patriotic days.


This suggests that you value relationships and are patriotic towards your nation.


So, you can build a culture of employee respect through custom packaging design.


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