Ever since the novel Coronavirus started wreaking havoc around the world, a storm of misinformation has been blowing about, spreading all kinds of news which had no verifiable basis. One of these supposed “facts” was that the 5G towers spread around major cities conducting trials, were the cause of people getting infected with the Covid-19.

While this was completely untrue, many people were interested to find out what 5G actually was. And how would it change the way we work, if at all. 

5G is said to be technology which is not just an upgraded version of 4G, but is rather on a completely different tier. The promise of a technology which would “revolutionize the technology world” is an intriguing thought, so let’s discover how it might affect a very popular IT industry, namely mobile app development.


  • Very Low to No Latency
  • Very Fast Transfer Speeds
  • High Quality UX
  • Increased Usage of Shared Hardware Resources
  • Integration of IoT and Machine/Deep learning technologies
  • Streaming via VR

These are just a few of the many changes that seem possible with the advent of 5G technology to the general public. Let us elaborate them to find out what these changes actually entail.

Very Low to No Latency:

Very Low to No Latency

With a claimed minimum transfer speed of 1Gbit/s, and high speeds of upto 50 Gbits/s, looking at these high transfer speeds it can be said that mobile app developers will now be able to build apps without worrying about the latency in communication. Simply put, it will mean less delay in communication between devices, as it has an extremely low latency of one millisecond.

Very Fast Transfer Speeds:

Very Fast Transfer Speeds

With low latency and extremely fast data transfer rates, we will be able to transfer files to and from our devices almost instantly. That would allow for increased usage of cloud storage services, which are still not so commonly accepted due to lower transfer rates. That wold also mean less on-board storage would be required, with people opting for more efficient cloud storage options.

High Quality UX: 

High Quality UX

With high speed data transfers possible with 5G, UI/UX designers will be able to develop visually rich experiences with high quality images, audio and video without having to worry about optimizing the app for performance on high latency or low bandwidth networks. This may also have a minor drawback of increased work for the developer, as they might need to develop multiple versions of the app for people not yet subscribed to a 5G provider.

Increased Usage of Shared Hardware Resources: 

Increased Usage of Shared Hardware Resources

Another benefit of the 5G network may be the usage of shared processing services, which might reduce the need for high processing on-board chips. It may also be quite beneficial in allowing users access to high quality, resource heavy graphical experiences with the help of AR/VR, by using shared processing for rendering graphics.

Integration of IoT and Machine/Deep learning technologies:

Integration of IoT and Machine

With high transfer speeds, both android app development and iOS app development would benefit from using techniques to integrate applications of Internet of Things, as well as advanced applications of AI, machine learning and deep learning for a better, more nuanced mobile experience. Not only that, integration of these technologies will allow developers to implement new features and ideas which would previously have been impossible to develop due to hardware and network limitations.

Streaming via VR:

Streaming via VR

Nowadays, virtual reality technologies are quickly being adopted extensively by the average consumers, as well as by organizations due to it becoming an important part of mobile application based learning tool. Unfortunately, streaming support through virtual reality is still largely impossible due to extensive latency and bandwidth limitations. Using 5g, developers will be able to design apps that will deliver a profoundly innovative experience through streaming, and can make their apps able to deliver a beautiful virtual reality experience to the consumers.

To sum up the entire topic, 5G seems to have many exciting features which will help developers find new ways to use their innovation and allow them to integrate technologies that would previously have been impossible to develop due to many technological limitations. It seems as if 5G is going to open up a whole new universe for all mobile app developers, as well the exciting new world for the users as they are going to experience technological masterpieces that would boggle their minds.

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