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February 19 , 2021 Posted by Creatix9

Based on the inventory of Google Play Store and App Store one has to commend the continual progression of the app development community. The vim and vigor with which they build and release applications for the open market is nothing short of astounding. Now it’s not as if there haven’t been some doozies, of course not. But these failures certainly serve as the shot across the bow for other developers in the future on how to revise and improve any of their apps that might be similar. 

The sheer volume produced on the other side of the download button is staggering and with that in mind we can honestly say “not half bad, cheers”. Whether it be educational apps such as Audibly or social media like Instagram, the app development services in question are quite consistent with the quantity and in fact quality of their work. 

So how does the app development community approach the notion of making an app? Well since the advent of mobile gaming in 2017, app developers have been on a new gold rush for the next big thing in app development. Looking for the idea to make the new ‘WhatsApp’ or ‘Pubg Mobile’ if you will. But the fact of the matter is that it’s been done and so have its counterparts. So what do they do now? With the pole position for new business, a marketer is in a perpetual state of research and sell mode.

The Problem with Marketing

The Problem with Marketing

The marketing strategies of today most often employ the method of bombarding the consumer with advertisements despite them being targeted ads. This is especially peculiar in the app marketing sphere. With pop-ups and paid content, the promotions are attached to anything and everything the consumer may lay eyes on. This may work in a controlled capacity but not in today’s world the consumer would see a competitors’ advertisement just as soon as their next click since it does work on pay-per-clicks.

As an example, an app marketing agency UK-based now focuses particularly on the market research for certain tenable trends. These trends indicate what is popular these days and what sort of ads have a positive response and results on the back end. Simply put, how often people click on their ads and follow through by installing the app, downloading the content, or visiting the page that it is marketing. 

Cross-platform App Development

Cross-platform App Development

Developers take an approach to making simple and quick working apps. For instance, Facebook’s mobile app is a lot more optimized for the user than the desktop website, and not just because the device itself is smaller but because there is no need to have everything displayed at the same time like on a desktop website, making it simpler and neater. This of course means that the app developers have to add links upon links and pages upon pages. As an example, the quick access panel on the left side of Facebook’s Home page on the desktop version is drastically different from the mobile app version. However, it is made much simpler since the method to do all of this involves building these interactive experiences from scratch.

Here’s where it gets dicy. From a marketing standpoint, mobile apps and regular web pages or software is an entirely different animal. Most companies depending on the nature of the app cut through the painstaking route of catering to the market for each separately, and instead just market the brand itself. For example, the marketing service may just market Facebook and mention the mobile app as a unique selling point or just casually present it as a feature or benefit. Although sometimes the product’s nature is not flexible enough to be marketed that way like in the case of a mobile game that already exists on PC or Mac.



When it comes to games the practise is slightly different. While marketing for a game a mobile game development company would have to consider the differences between each version. This could be a blessing in disguise. This may allow the game developers to change things in-game on purpose, but not too much. The gamers could experience a refreshing change of pace in what new experiences the other version brings. Maybe an easter egg mission or an entirely new map. Pubg and Pubg Mobile come to mind. The game has a wildly different gaming experience on each platform while maintaining uniformity in the game itself. Most maps, interactive and game options, and even display or graphics options are the same, but not all.

Ending Note

So why has marketing and marketing practices stagnated? Simple it only seems like it. The frequency with which we look at ads is so high that we hardly even notice anymore when we go through an ad or avoid one, thanks to adblocker extensions. Every product is unique that is obvious but the approach taken by the marketers to deliver ads to us is very similar. Perhaps that’s why it works.

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