Mobile applications have emerged as lifesavers in this world of tech development. All the smartphones with different operating systems, like ios and android, play a huge role in connecting companies and users on a single platform. If we look at the number of mobile phones now compared to olden times, they have increased drastically. They have revolutionised the digital industry by letting people work online. All of this was because of the online presence got recognised by people. However, for them to be functional and become of the greatest use, apps needed to be developed and integrated into mobile phones for more functionality and usage.

All of this led to the building robust and unique apps with an innovative UI/UX that attracts customers. If ones talks about the android operating platform, we know we have more android mobile users than iOS. The reason might be as simple as android being launched first in the market, giving it an upper hand in occupying a large target audience. However, Apple iOS has done a great job of capturing a large market share in less time. They are building different types of apps, from hybrid to native applications. All these can be integrated into both operating platforms. According to a recent study, 2.65 million android applications are available on Google Play Store, which will also keep increasing in the future.

What Are Android Applications?

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Android is a term often used in the tech industry, referring to an operating system on mobile phones. These platforms only accept android apps to be integrated into their systems for complete functionality. These apps are even called software, as they make the entire smartphone process much easier and smoother. A few of them come pre-installed in the system, while the rest need to be downloaded or installed. In today’s world, it has expanded on many different levels. It was launched in 2008 and, till today, has been updating its software to integrate into the system seamlessly. Thus, making it the most demanded and used platform. Now there are several iterations explicitly made for a unique purpose.

However, since tech advancements are on the rise, cross-platform apps have made the much-needed entry. It was released with an innovative reason for making use of the same app on various mobile devices. Thus, an app built for android could only be used on the same platform and not in iOS. But with cross-platform development now, they could be used on every system. This increased the demand for a cross platform app development company in London that quickly got recognised for its creativity.

Not to forget, still, one can download apps from a Play Store. All of this increased the app development process, and more applications were now seen on both online stores. Companies started building and launching them to mitigate future issues and solve them in real time. However, this doesn’t mean every app was converted to cross-platform. A large chunk of the population still blindly believes in a native app and uses it for its app development process. This means each industry or company uses a different kind of app depending on its goals and needs, making it much easier for people to download the apps from official sites. All of this may seem like an easy task when in reality it is a time-consuming and tricky process. This means one must hire developers with the knowledge and skills to create great apps and successfully launch them.

Ways to Hire Professional Android Developers

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  1. Professional developers

When looking for Android developers, firms must look for experts with the fundamental skills and basic knowledge of the platform. Remember building a business or market-centric app is challenging and requires experience and proficiency, thus making hiring technical developers vital for business success.

They should have in-depth knowledge of the different programming languages, especially Java and Kotlin, as most of the work takes place around them. Besides this, they should have an idea about its syntax, JDK documentation, loops, language structure, variables, etc.

  1. Know-How About Open-Source Systems

Most of the time, businesses opt for Android open-source platforms which gives the developers the flexibility to create and design an app according to the firm’s needs. Therefore, a developer must have all the information about them.

  1. Database Engines

One should hire an android app developer who can handle the database engines to store all the information about the app. These engines include Realm, SQLite, Firebase, etc. Here they need to understand how it functions and syncs the data when people access the applications in offline mode.

  1. Coding Knowledge

The most critical knowledge developers or companies must have should be coding. Many tools like Github, Git and Bitbucket are vital for developers trying to create an android application as they allow them to store the source code of every project. It enables them to check coding history, like what is added and changed, the latest versions, and so on. Besides this, they make collaboration with members much easier.

  1. Get information from Clients

Whenever one thinks about hiring a development company or developer, it should be made essential to consider every aspect, including getting in touch with previous clients. Thus, it becomes easier to know how they work with their clients. It even helps find out their responsive time, how collaborative they are and how they face challenges after starting the project. All this helps in choosing the best Android developer and avoiding issues during the process.

It usually means opting for a well-reputed company. One can also find low-budget developers, but usually, that is risky. They are usually freelancers and believing them can be hard sometimes. Therefore, we recommend selecting a certified Android company to develop an app in safe and effective ways. These teams usually have proficient designers, developers, testers, coders and researchers, making the process much faster.

  1. NDA and Privacy Documentation

Whenever dealing with professional work, it should be made a must to start working with any company with some agreements. When it comes to android app development, one should sign an NDA plus a privacy agreement before starting work. In this way, one can ensure the confidentiality of business information and security at all times. Not to forget, about 75% of smartphones use Android apps, making it the most used operating system in the world.


The above were some of the main tips that have made hiring Android developers or companies much easier. However, they can be more if you look deeper into their development process. The app development process can be tricky a lot of times depending on the industry one is targeting in an ever-changing world. However, choosing the top developer with all the experience and skills can make the process faster and smoother. Remember, the trends keep changing, and the system should be up to date to enjoy the limelight, which helps attract more customers. So if you are one of those looking for a certified android app development company or professional digital agency, get in touch with us, and we will be happy to develop a futuristic app with you.

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