Do you remember the time when you would rent or buy a shop, invest money in it, put in the products and then wait for your customers to show up? You would distribute flyers or take advantage of different traditional marketing techniques to bring in the local customers and that was all you were able to do.

Now, the landscape has changed completely. Businesses are rapidly transforming themselves and entering the digital realm to reach their customers around the world. The entire market has gone global. You could be sitting in London and selling your products to your customers in China, Russia, the United States, or anywhere around the world.

It is surprising to see that there are still a lot of businesses that haven’t got on the bandwagon of technology. In a world where successful businesses are rapidly integrating the latest and state of the art technology to achieve their business goals, you cannot afford to ignore it. You need the latest technologies and tools to excel in the market and keep ahead of the competition.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality (AR)

One of the technologies that has recently hit the market and made a lot of waves in the market is Augmented Reality. It has emerged as a force to contend with and it has completely changed the way a lot of industries work. Today, you can find a lot of high-end services and applications provided by some AR app development company that enables you to provide a much more powerful experience to your customers.

So, what is Augmented Reality and how does it work?

AR is the technology that adds digital data to the physical world. It is like adding layers on top of what you are already seeing through your smartphone. In Virtual Reality (VR) you can see entire digital worlds come to life, but AR is different than that. You take the existing environment and add visual, audio, or other elements to it.

Take, for example, the various selfie effects that you can use in Snapchat. Your face is the existing physical environment and AR adds different digital effects to it.

Augmented Reality for Different Industries

AR Technology

AR has affected various industries and helped them evolve into something much more. You will be hard-pressed to find an industry that hasn’t evolved thanks to AR technology.

Some of the industries that have evolved thanks to AR are:


Augmented Reality has really transformed the healthcare industry and the process is still ongoing. Thanks to AR, healthcare providers are now better equipped to handle various diseases and problems and treat their patients better. Now, doctors have a much better way of learning about the human anatomy as well as how various diseases affect the various internal organs and more. They can also diagnose diseases and ailments better. For example, now doctors can analyse a patients’ CT scans by laying them over the patient’s previous body images and find out the difference. Also, they can perform invasive surgeries better like endoscopies and more. With AR technology, they can focus better and get all the vital information that they require.

That is not all. Now doctors can also educate their patients better by overlaying the results of scans and moreover the patient’s image and showing the patients what impact the disease has had on them.


One of the industries that have been majorly affected by AR technology is the manufacturing industry. A lot of manufacturing businesses have already adopted this technology and more and more are jumping on the bandwagon. If you want to construct a mechanical part, you can view it in AR and see how it will come out even before starting the production process. You can make changes based on your AR feedback and make sure that there is nothing wrong with it. This way, you can save a whole lot of money that was wasted if there ever was a mistake. Manufacturing is fast becoming smarter thanks to the Augmented Reality app development company.


Another industry that is taking full advantage of Augmented Reality is the education industry. AR has provided educators around the world to expose their students to a plethora of experiences that they wouldn’t have been able to afford. This is especially true for children who are facing some challenges in learning. All you need to do is to contact an agency that provides Augmented Reality development service and create an app for any subject and any grade. For example, if you are in a school in London or anywhere else in the UK, you can create an app that can show you animals, birds, and rodents that do not exist there. You can view visuals, experience sounds, and more while sitting in your classroom. Similarly, you can teach your students about human anatomy by showing them an AR-based human skeleton that looks real.


These are only some of the industries that have been affected by AR technology. More industries include real estate, military, shopping, and more. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is the right time for you to have your custom AR app developed so you can survive in the future and reach your global audience.

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