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One of the most promising and well-liked areas in the IT industry is iOS app development. Given that researchers predict that by 2024, sales of mobile applications will have surpassed $935 billion globally.

Businesses work hard to adapt to the shifting needs of the public. Additionally, customers having iOS app development services in the UK have access to over 25,000 brand-new iOS apps that are released each month. If you want to hold onto your top positions in the industry, you need think about current developments in iOS app development. Otherwise, you run the risk of completely losing out to your competitors and moving down to the position of a participant in second place.

The seven most recent trends in iOS development that we’ve put together are worth your attention and will help your apps compete and appeal to users in 2023.

Swift 6

The initial stage in the procedure is picking a suitable programming language. Swift has established a reputation as an easy-to-use technology for iOS app developers. Teams developing iOS apps at large organisations like Apple, LinkedIn, Slack, SkyGuide, etc. commonly use it.

What therefore makes Swift for iOS app development such a helpful and effective tool? IOS developers and app development services provider online benefits including compatibility, reliable APIs and modules, simple syntax, and many others allow programmers to concentrate on building logical, high-quality code.

Experts are unable to offer a specific timetable because the release of Swift 6 may result in substantial modifications. It is anticipated that the language’s capabilities would greatly improve.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are not new ideas in iOS mobile development. It would be impossible to envision an iOS app being successful without tools like face and speech recognition, search suggestions, Siri, text and image classification, and other equivalent functions.

All of these features are now required for building personalised iOS apps, and they greatly improve the quality of your finished product. As a result, ML and AI integration will continue to be a major trend for iOS in 2022 and beyond.

The intelligent voice assistant Siri, which reacts to voice commands, is well-known to Apple users. In order to use Siri’s voice control capabilities, iOS creative agency services online have been integrating Siri with their apps since 2016.

Siri only functions within particular domains, or collections of user intentions. Developers get access to lists, graphic codes, chat, photo search, payments, VoIP calling, exercises, weather and radio domains, and restaurant reservation domains. If this scope is insufficient, you may also create custom intents to provide your app specialised functionality.

In 2017, Apple revealed Core ML, a new innovation for enhanced iOS mobile development. It is a framework that makes it possible to incorporate machine learning (ML) models (text, picture, video, sound, or tabular) in iOS apps to provide predictions based on recent input data. This innovation uses machine learning’s capability to offer applications for all Apple products.

Combined Reality

Development of augmented reality app development is one of the most recent advancements in iOS technology. Nearly every field of human endeavour has seen an AR-mania on iOS platforms in recent years. The animated masks and stickers on Instagram and Snapchat, as well as Pokémon Go, are a few instances of how popular it is in the entertainment sector.

But augmented reality is also permeating a range of fields, such as marketing, medical, design, etc. Giants like IKEA or L’Oréal adopted this trend in iOS app development to provide customers the ability to view how their items seem in the setting in which they would be used, facilitating and streamlining the decision-making process.

IOS developers and users have new chances and experiences thanks to the ARKit 5 framework. Now, utilising a Spot Anchor, this technology allows you to position AR items at a precise location.

In addition, users may now simultaneously use the front and back cameras on their devices, or even place AR material in front of or behind people to experience green screen effects in a real-world setting. Expanded Face tracking support, a depth API, immediate AR placement, and motion capture are some of the additional new capabilities that come with ARKit 5.

Homekit and IoT

The Internet of Things is a great illustration of how crucial it is to link iOS app development to developments in users’ daily lives. Apple unveiled a unique home automation framework named HomeKit in June 2014. It makes it possible to control IoT devices from an iPhone or Apple Watch in addition to integrating devices from various suppliers into a single IoT ecosystem. Siri, a voice-activated personal assistant, can even be used to operate these gadgets, including lights, garage doors, safes, locks, thermostats, fans, shades, coffee makers, and a lot more.

With the most recent improvements, HomeKit Secure Video enables customers to view the video (even from the doorbell camera) directly from the Lock Screen and receive notifications about significant activity in their homes. Secure Video is compatible with the current iCloud plan, so there are no extra fees. HomeKit cameras are capable of detecting people, animals, automobiles, and parcels.

HomeKit will be one of the top iOS app development trends in 2022 due to the development of smart home technology. To address pandemic challenges, IoT applications implementation goes well beyond everyday convenience. Recent examples include health technology businesses that create iOS apps for people to track their health concerns and contact their doctors from home.

Mobile Clips

App Clips are typically simple and serve a single purpose, such as paying the bill, booking a hotel room, renting a bike, and performing other similar tasks. Users can download these lightweight (less than 10 MB) functional programme mini-versions instantly after scanning a certain QR code, clicking a link, or travelling to a specific place.

AppClips are uninstalled from the iPhone automatically after 30 days if they are not utilised. Since they are reviewed by App Store administrators, they are just as safe to use as ordinary apps, so consumers should not be concerned about privacy concerns.

A stage of iOS app development that deserves special attention is creating app clips.


The top iOS app development trends of 2022 should include a dedicated section for cloud-based iOS apps, according to CloudKit. They can manage, store, and manage vast volumes of data without degrading the user experience.

An iOS app can now be created using the data storage and transfer mechanism known as CloudKit. Complex jobs can now be completed with less restriction, and users’ expectations can now be met.

Here Are Some Compelling Arguments For Utilising CloudKit When Developing iOS Apps

Ease In Usage and Setup

No extra settings, libraries, or registrations are required. You may easily import data, take advantage of the framework’s convenient APIs, and leave security concerns to Apple.

Organized In A Clear and Practical Manner

A convenient framework for managing all of your data and development processes is provided by CloudKit. The process of creating an iOS app will be significantly easier as you become accustomed to the environments, containers, and zones.


IOS developers that use CloudKit don’t have access to user data because Apple handles all privacy and security concerns. On the one hand, it may make debugging and troubleshooting more difficult, but on the other, customers are confident in the fact that they are giving Apple, not developers, access to their data.


You can take advantage of all CloudKit’s features and receive a sizable quantity of storage without paying a dime.

With all these benefits, CloudKit stands out among other BaaS providers and is a great option for iOS app developers of all skill levels.


Modern markets are being dominated by wearable technology and accessories like smartwatches and fitness trackers. The fact that these devices are so widely available may be to blame for their enormous appeal; user groups differ greatly by age, gender, occupation, and country.

How Can Wearables Help All Of These People?

Keep Tabs On Your Health In General

People can pay more attention to their physical health thanks to wearable technology. Monitoring your blood pressure, oxygen saturation, sleep patterns, glucose levels, and other vital indicators can help you stay healthy or spot health problems early.

Obtain Fitness Objectives

We can infer that the widespread desire in leading a better lifestyle was influenced by the popularity of fitness trackers. You can monitor your daily step count or calorie burn with a band app and gain inspiration to engage in more fitness-related activities.

Communicate More Quickly and Easily

Wearable apps may now receive and send messages instantaneously from an increasing number of messengers, like Telegram and Slack, even if you don’t have a phone or other devices nearby.

Remain Active

The majority of wearable apps contain minor features like alarms or notifications that let you pay attention to what’s important. If you set timers and notifications on wearables, they will alert you of your goals wherever you are at any given time, guaranteeing that you never forget what you have planned.

Make Regular Tasks Run More Smoothly

A wearable device app may make many daily tasks easier by offering a variety of useful functions, like contactless payments, emergency buttons, and automobile unlocking.

These are only some of the basic uses for wearable technology; not to mention their roles in both work and leisure. Without a doubt, this market has a lot of potential for iOS app development and is a major current trend. Apps for wearable devices may function alone or as a component of a larger iOS app.


IOS app development has new chances thanks to modern tools and solutions. They enhance the technical quality of the applications, streamline the development process, and enhance user experience.

It could seem like a time- and energy-consuming undertaking to create an iOS app. After all, it might be challenging to keep up with all the most recent fashions, let alone the actual biological manifestation of those trends. Thus, your best course of action may be to hire an iOS app development business. If you are searching for an app development services provider online, and want to hire android development company in the UK, then get in touch with Creatix9.

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